TikTok Ads Policy – Everything You Need To Know [in 2022]

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TikTok is one of the most popular global platforms and it focuses mainly on video content. It is a social media networking service that offers advertisements for businesses to reach a large number of audiences.

Being one of the most popular social media platforms for advertising, they come with a TikTok Ads Policy. You have to comply with the TikTok ads policy if you want to successfully run TikTOk ads on the long term.

TikTok Ads Policy – Why are they important?

When you are a business looking for a platform to advertise your products and services, you have to know about the policies. If you are wondering why you need to know about the TikTok advertising policy or why it is important, here are the two main reasons:

To get your TikTok ad campaigns approved

The ad policy of TikTok is important to ensure that your ads are getting published in the app for the customers to view it. When you abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned by the ad policy of TikTok, your ads get the approval to be displayed on this platform.

Hence, you need to go through the ad policy by TikTok before you decide to advertise your products and services to get the approval.

To avoid getting your TikTok ad account suspended

The policy ensures that no ad can harm anyone or hurt someone’s sentiment regarding anything. You must follow all the laws and rules or regulations of the country or state to avoid any legal issues or proceedings.

All these rules are mentioned in the policy. If you don’t follow them, your ad can get banned. To avoid such a complication, ad policy is important.

TikTok Ads Policy – Landing page and ad creatives requirements

There are some requirements related to the ad creatives and landing pages when you are posting an ad on TikTok. Some of the important points that you need to know about the policy are:

  • The creative contents of the ad must abide by the Intellectual Property Infringement Rules thoroughly to avoid any copyright case
  • The ad creative must be compliant with all the points of TikTok Ads Policy to run smoothly and effectively
  • Don’t post any landing pages that show error or are expired
  • Ad creatives should not redirect to a landing page that is incomplete or under construction
  • Landing pages must be mobile-friendly
  • Ad creatives can redirect customers to Apple App Store or Android Play Store for downloading apps

TikTok Ads Policy – Restricted & Prohibited Content

While displaying an advertisement on TikTok, you must follow the TikTok Ads Policy thoroughly. You must keep in your mind the contents that are restricted or prohibited to be used in TikTok ads. Some of the restricted or prohibited contents are:

  • Ads with a QR code that can lead to a 3rd party website of another social media page
  • You cannot use a landing page that shows a completely different product from that of the ad
  • You cannot use an ad with two different messages in the caption and in the ad image

You have to go through the ad policies thoroughly so that you can avoid anything that violates the rules and regulations of TikTok. If you use restricted or prohibited content then it can result in a ban of your ad or your TikTok ad account too.

What products can’t be advertised with TikTok Ads?

The products that are prohibited from being advertised in TikTok are:

  • Animals or parts of animals
  • Any sexual service or products related to adult entertainment
  • Any games that promote gambling or casinos
  • Any products related to tobacco use or cigarettes
  • Any product related to piracy and counterfeiting
  • Any ads promoting paraphernalia or drugs
  • Any equipment or gears for military or police
  • Any ads or content related to politics
  • Any business practices that is unacceptable
  • Any hazardous or unsuitable services like funeral or abortion services
  • Any weapons or weaponries

The restricted or prohibited products that cannot be advertised on TikTok can change from one country or state to another one. So, you have to go through the policy to have the complete understanding.

Conclusion – TikTok Ads policy

Now that you know why TikTok Ads Policy is important and what ideas you can get from their policy, start reading it.

To ensure that your hard-earned money on the ad or the efforts you put into making the TikTok ad is not going in vain, you have to abide by all the rules and regulations that are mentioned in the TikTok policy page.

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