How To Use TikTok Creative Center? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Are you lacking the creativity necessary for creating converting and eye-catching TikTok ad creatives? Well, then you have to check out TikTok Creative Center.

In this TikTok ads tutorial, we will explain what TikTok Creative Center is and how to use Tiktok Creative Center features and tools effectively

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on TikTok Creative Center, check out this video tutorial:

What is Tiktok Creative Center?

Tiktok Creative Center is a free tool by TikTok that can help TikTok advertisers create more successful TikTok ad creatives and ad campaigns..

TikTok Creative Center provides the following valuable tools and sections for TikTok ad managers:

  • Inspiration section
  • TikTok Top Ads
  • TikTok Trend Discovery
  • TikTok Showcases
  • TikTok Insights
  • TikTok Video Editor
  • TikTok Audio Library

TikTok Creative Center

In the TikTok Creative Centers, Tiktok advertisers and creators can learn about the latest TikTok trends and download royalty-free soundtracks, audio, templates, etc.

All of these are provided for free, so TikTok advertisers can optimize their TikTok ad videos to reach a broader population and grow their TikTok followers.

Every Creator can access trends and analyze the most popular TikTok advertisements, so they have more chance of recreating something similar

Tools and features in the TikTok Creative Center and how you can use them?

We have already mentioned the tools and the features you get access in the TikTok Creative. Let’s discuss how you can use these to get more successful in TikTok advertising.

The following tools and resources are available inside the TikTok Creative Center:

Inspiration Section in the TikTok Creative Center

The Inspiration section is where you’ll find your greatest TikTok inspirations. The Inspiration section has three very valuable tools:

TikTok Creative Center – Top Ads

TikTok Top Ads in the Creative Center is a searchable library of top-performing TikTok ad creatives. If you are familiar with Facebook Ad Library, TikTok Top Ads is basically the TikTok version of Facebook Ad Library.

TikTok Top Ads in TikTok creative center

You can search and filter these successful TikTok ads by Region, Industry, TikTok Campaign Objective, Reach, Engagement, and some other criteria.

You can not only check out the ad creative, but if you click on ‘About this ad’, you will see more information about that specific TikTok ad:

  • creator of the ad
  • performance
  • ad caption keywords.

You also can see a Most valuable frame graph that shows you the relative click-through rate of the TikTok video ad, frame by frame.

Trend Discovery in the TikTok Creative Center

The Trend Discovery tool in the Creative Center shows the most popular songs, hashtags, creators and videos on TikTok right now this moment.

Trend Discovery section in TikTok Creative Center

This is a very helpful tool to find TikTok trends early so you can also use the power of TikTok trends to go viral on TikTok.

TikTok Creative Center – Showcases

The Showcases section is basically a case study database of the TikTok Creative Center.

A Showcase includes not only the TikTok ad creative, but also the creative highlights and basic campaign information and background, so you can use these to create your own successful TikTok ad campaigns.

TikTok Insights in the Creative Center

Here you can learn more about what makes a TikTok video go viral, and also get very practical tips on how to improve your organic TikTok video strategy and your TikTok ad campaigns as well.

TikTok Audio Library

To make your TikTok videos successful whether you are running TikTok ads or not, you have to find the perfect songs for your Tiktok videos. This is where the TikTok Audio Library comes in handy.

TikTok Audio Library

Here you can find more than 500,000 royalty-free songs and you can search and filter the audio tracks by region, placement, themes, genre, mood and duration.

TikTok Creative Center Tools

TikTok also provides valuable tools for TikTok creators and advertisers that make the TikTok video production process a lot smoother and without paying for expensive software.

In the TikTok Creative Tools section, you get access to the following TikTok tools:

  • TikTok Video Editor,
  • TikTok Smart Video,
  • TikTok Smart Text,
  • TikTok Video Template,
  • TikTok Smart Video Soundtrack
  • TikTok Quick Optimization

Top Ads section in TikTok Creative Center

Here is how to access and use the Top Ads section in Tiktok Creative Center:

  1. First, Go over to the “Creative Center” and choose “Inspirations,” then “Top Ads” from the drop-down menu.
  2. First, log in to your TikTok for a Business account by pressing the Login button located at the lower foot of the page or sometimes at the upper right corner of your screen. You’ll mostly see five adverts if you aren’t logged in yet.
  3. You can narrow your search by timeline, area, company, promotional goal, reach, engagement, length of time, style, and reference. Once you return to the site, your filter choices will be there for you to use again.

Trend Discovery section in TikTok Creative Center

Check out what’s hot on TikTok currently, how to make TikToks like a professional, and what other businesses are doing well on the platform.

How do you know the videos are popular?

Only recent videos are shown in the Trend Discovery section. Despite the filtering choices, this Trend Discovery page displays a limit of 500 videos. Convenient access to the top-performing videos that match your search parameters.

How to remove your TikTok ads from Top Ads?

If you don’t want your TikTok videos to show up in TikTok Creative Center:

  1. Log in first to the TikTok Creative Center as a business user.
  2. Go to your Account and access Ad Authorization Management
  3. Choose the creatives you want to remove and click”Withdraw.”

If you are okay to show your TikTok ads in the TikTok Ad library:

  1. Run an Ad Group as well as a campaign using the TikTok Ads Manager feature
  2. Before sending your ad for evaluation, make sure the “Asset Authorization” tick box is ticked.
  3. Uncheck the Asset Authority Checkbox to decline any creative authorization.

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