Twitter Ad Targeting Options Explained [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Many first-time users are not familiar with the different options of Twitter ad targeting that the platform is offering. As you need to select the right kind to get the desired result, I explained some of them in brief next. So, read on to know more.

Why Twitter ad targeting is important?

Twitter is currently one of the best places for advertising your brand or business. You should consider this ad targeting option as it can provide many beneficial advantages like:

  • Twitter is offering to shoulder some of the risks by giving its users the option to pay only when he/she has received in return what was expected. So, for example, if you choose to run an app install campaign, then you will pay only for the number of successful app installs.
  • The per click cost is quite low in the case of these targeting options. So, any size of business can enjoy what it can offer at a reasonable and affordable price.

Besides these, there are many other reasons why ad targeting on Twitter is important for the users (especially new users) who are looking for an effective way to expand their business’s visibility.

Twitter gender, age, geo-targeting explained

I should start with the gender targeting option. You will be allowed to pick if your business would like to serve any gender, Females, or Males in the ad campaign. You can do this by choosing from the gender options provided under “Demographics” from the main “Targeting” option.

Similarly, you can also choose an age bucket from a number of age buckets provided by Twitter. The option to do this can also be found under the “Demographics” option provided after clicking on “Targeting”. And lastly, let’s take into consideration geo-targeting.

This one allows you to target your campaigns to specific geographies like postal codes, metros, cities, regions, and countries. Twitter provides a link to download an index that features all the targetable geo-locations. So, I would suggest you to check that out first before committing.

Twitter device, OS and carrier targeting explained

I request you to pay attention now if you are interested in the highly mobile audience of Twitter. If you want to target users based on the mobile carrier, then consider carrier targeting. Similarly, you are given the option to target the audience based on the type of mobile device that they are using to scroll through this platform.

Twitter ad targeting also allows the advertisers to target according to the mobile device’s operating system. Yes, OS targeting is provided. So, just click on the “Demographics” option and then click on “Browse” to select the platforms, devices, and carriers that your business needs to target.

Other Twitter targeting options

We have to mention the remaining Twitter ad targeting options so that you are familiar with them and use it effectively to accomplish your business goals in the long run:

Twitter Conversation targeting

You can target according to the conversations the users are participating in actively. You will get 25 categories from which you can choose from more than 10,000 conversation topics.

Twitter Event targeting

You can pinpoint, plan for, and activate events on this platform with these targeting options. It will also help you to target events 2 weeks before they begin to reach audiences and garner interest. You can also target 3 weeks after they are over to maintain buzz and reinforce learning.

Tweet engager targeting

This targeting option is great for moving potential customers further down the conversion funnel. You will be able to follow up effectively and timely with responsive potential customers. This one can help you to improve the return on ad spend.

Twitter Keyword targeting

Twitter ad targeting of this kind allows you to target users based on the Tweets they are engaging in, recent Tweets, and of course, keywords in their search queries.

Twitter Interest targeting

The targeting will be done based on the topics users engage with and connect on Twitter. So, you can increase visibility to users interested in whatever your brand is about.

Twitter Follower targeting

With this, you can target users who are following brands similar to yours. It will help you to include your current followers in your target audience.

Twitter Custom Audiences targeting explained

Twitter is providing this to all users, and if highly recommend it as it can take into consideration your existing customers/followers for targeting in order to create significant re-marketing campaigns. To reach the specific group of users you want, it will help by uploading your personalized CRM lists.

You have to choose from 3 options, and they are:

  1. As per “App activity”.
  2. As per “Website activity”.
  3. As per the “Lists”.

Twitter Ad Targeting Summary

These were some options of Twitter ad targeting that you need to be familiar with. Once you have a clear idea about them, then you can make the right decision. You can effectively select the one that will suit your purpose and your brand perfectly.

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