How To Use Twitter Analytics? [in 2022]

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Twitter Analytics allows users to track key metrics, including followers, engagement rate, and impressions. Therefore, you will have to know how to use Twitter Analytics to get an edge on your top competitors. If you are a beginner, you can go through the following article and understand how to use Twitter Analytics.

What Is Twitter Analytics & Why Should You Use Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics will tell you about your engagement with your Twitter followers. The tool will give you a clear picture of your content, and you will know the response of your followers. Once you have the data, you can use it to improve your posts and satisfy your followers with better content.

You can access the key dashboards, including Account Home, Tweet Activity Dashboard, and Video Activity Dashboard, and know more about your activity and outcome. The Account Home will help with a monthly report card, and you will see your top-performing content. However, the TAD will tell you about your followers’ behavior, and the VAD will reveal the view, retention, and completion rates of video posts.

You will know how your tweets have inspired people and how people have reacted to your tweets. Once you know how to use Twitter Analytics, you can make changes based on the response of your followers.

You will have all the updates about your tweets, and you can go through them to change your strategies and have a better exposure to dominate your competition. You can analyze engagement rate, impressions, and other metrics.

Twitter Analytics Home Dashboard Page

How to Access the Twitter Analytics Dashboard?

The Twitter Analytics Home Dashboard page will enable you to track engagements and impressions. You can get insights into organic and paid tweets and understand your followers more. The collected data will make you aware of the responses, and you can post content based on the preference of your followers, and you can expect the best outcome.

What Data and Insights Can You Get from It?

You can use the dashboard to view month-to-month performance with detailed engagement metrics. The VAD can enable you to track and see retention, view, and completion rates of video posts.

Additionally, you can use the dashboard page for free, and you can access it by signing up at or After signing up to the analytics, you will have to tap the tweet tab to find TAD, and you need to select More and then Video for VAD.

While using Twitter ads, you can click on the Analytics and select Video Activity or Tweet Activity. By following these simple steps, you can access the home dashboard page.

Twitter Analytics – Tweet Activity Dashboard

How to Access the Tweet Activity Dashboard?

You can access the Tweet Activity Dashboard by following the steps mentioned above. You will have to visit either Twitter Analytics or Twitter ads to access the activity board. The best part is that you can access it for free and know how your tweets inspire your followers.

What Data and Insights Can You Get from It?

Once you access the Tweet Activity Dashboard, you can view paid and organic ad engagements and impressions. You can check monthly performances, including likes, retweets, link clicks, and engagement rates.

Besides, you can view detailed metrics and check the replies, likes, and retweets. These essential metrics can help you to plan your future tweets.

Twitter Analytics – Video Activity Dashboard

How to Access the Video Activity Dashboard and What Data and Insights Can You Get from It?

As stated earlier, you can access it for free by visiting Twitter Analytics or Twitter Ads. After accessing it, you can view important metrics about your videos, including retention rate, completion rate, and view rate. You will know how many people viewed your videos and the number who watched full videos.

You will have an overall idea about your videos, and you will know which videos performed well and which one could not impress your followers.

Twitter Ads Campaign Dashboard

How to Access It and What Data and Insights Can You Get from It?

You can access the campaign dashboard by visiting The campaign dashboard will enable you to track results, impressions, cost-per-result, and your engagement rate. Moreover, you can check metrics across all the campaigns, including individual tweets, different objectives, targeting criteria, and individual ones.

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