Twitter Campaign Types & Objectives Explained [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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A lot of Twitter advertisers is not aware of the many Twitter ad campaign types they can run on the Twitter ads platform.

In this Twitter ads tutorial, we are going to explain all the Twitter ad campaign types that you can currently run and what objectives you can reach with them.

Twitter reach ad campaigns

Within a certain timeframe, the number of people viewing your ad will be maximized via the reach objective. You can go for this objective when you want to:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Increase the exposure and visibility of the Ad.
  • Improve brand perception.
  • Build relevance around a particular event, topic, or occasion.
  • Launch a new service/product/brand message.

I was looking for a way to get my name out there, and this campaign objective helped me regarding this. Thus, I’ll recommend it to you if you too want to be seen on this platform. It will also help you to connect effectively and timely with potential consumers/clients while building awareness that can help you to fulfill your business’s goal.

Twitter video views and pre-roll views campaigns

You will come across these while researching different Twitter campaign types. As releasing video content is fruitful nowadays, the video views campaign can help you to increase the visibility of your created video. It helps your customers to connect effectively and relate to your business via all kinds of media-friendly formats that including live video, native video, and GIFs.

The Twitter pre-roll campaign, on the other hand, is a type of amplified campaign type that can build your brand relevance effectively. You will be able to be more aligned with your potential and existing customers. You will also get to enjoy the advantages provided by integrated and personalized brand safety measures. Twitter ensures that your pre-roll video is paired with many great, most-watched video contents from different rising publishers.

Twitter app install and app re-engagement campaigns

Are you looking for a way to connect effectively with Twitter’s audience (mobile-first)? Then, consider this from the different Twitter campaign types available as it can also contribute to more app downloads. Twitter made certain changes to this campaign making it more desirable among Twitter users looking to reach new mobile audience and/or showcase a new app feature.

This campaign will encourage your audience to open or update or perform particular actions in your app. I considered this one when I was looking for a way to re-target the infrequent audience of my app. It was done mainly by promoting and surfacing the new content, perks, and rewards. It allows a hassle-free transition from the audience’s timeline to your app directly.

Twitter website traffic campaigns

Have you done everything to drive only qualified traffic to your website, yet failed massively in the past? If yes, then consider Twitter’s website traffic campaign. The objective of this type is to increase traffic to a specific webpage.

It is designed to encourage audiences to take action which can help your business. The method followed by this platform for this is actually quite simple yet effective. Twitter is known for its unique data signals that are used via this campaign to find only such audiences who are most likely to take the required action on your website.

Twitter engagement campaigns

If you post on Twitter on behalf of your business or brand, then you are looking for a way to get more viewers to spot and also interact with your different forms of posts. Consider engagement campaigns in such a situation. This is considered as one of the best Twitter campaign types that can put your products and name in front of your targeted audience.

From increasing engagement metrics to starting a conversation, this campaign can easily raise awareness. This one is highly recommended for any user who will be announcing a new launch of any kind via Tweets.

Twitter Follower ad campaigns

Don’t go for the scheme of “follow for follow” when your goal is to increase brand loyalty. Instead, try a Twitter follower campaign which can effectively attract new interested followers. A large number of quality followers are important as they will become brand advocates spreading the good word about your brand both on and off Twitter.

Twitter Ad Campaigns – Summary

There you have it; these were some of the different Twitter campaign types offered by this platform for its users. In order to have a successful campaign strategy, you have to select the right type for an accurate and effective end result. Check out the information provided by the platform to utilize the types accordingly.

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