What is a Twitter Handle? How To Find My Twitter Handle? [in 2022]

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What is a Twitter Handle and how you can find your Twitter Handle? Some of the questions we will answer in this Twitter profile tutorial.

What is a Twitter Handle?

A Twitter handle is the name that you choose for your social media account on Twitter. It’s a username – a name for your personal account – and it’s totally up to you to select one, or come up with one on your own!

People use their Twitter handles as an “online personality” and they share tweets with their friends, family members, businesses and strangers. Twitter handles are not limited in length, and like usernames, you can use any number of characters.

Twitter handles can be any combination of letters, numbers and other characters. You can use spaces between words. You can use it to tell people about your work, your interests or what you’re up to. A good Twitter handle allows followers to easily find and recognize you!​

How to find my Twitter Handle?

A useful tool for finding your Twitter handle is Twellow. This is a website where you can see what other people are looking for and seeing what their interests are in order to find the perfect person to follow or who might be following you.

If a certain topic or discussion comes up that you have an interest in, this site can aid your research. Twellow is one of the best social media tools to research people, because it doesn’t just show you their location, but their interests as well.

Another blogging tool you could use is Google Alerts. You can set up a Google alert for your blog post or article topic and then receive an email whenever the topic comes up.

This will help in identifying any issues or possible problems with your article and allow you to address them right away instead of being caught off guard when people start tweeting them out.

How to Choose a Great Twitter Handle?

A lot of people are trying to create a Twitter handle that attracts followers and gets retweets. The trick is to find something that is relevant but different. A good Twitter name has a memorable keyword, or at least a descriptive name.

  • Choose Your Twitter Handle Wisely!

First, take advantage of a great Twitter handle. Make sure to use it wisely in your tweets, as well as in your profile description. Use the same name for both purposes. Being consistent is important: people that see your Tweet will want to know what you write about and vice versa, so the title of your profile should be recognizable on any Tweet you send out.

  • What’s Your Twitter Name Really About?

Every Twitter handle represents you as a person. Think about the keywords that people will use to find you in searches.

The best Twitter handles are short and concise, so that they can be used on a daily basis. Just think of some easy words that describe what you write about or what you’re interested in: wine, art, sport or anything else that suits your personality and makes people remember it.

Twitter Handle vs. Twitter Display Name: What’s the Difference?

A Twitter handle is your username on the website, and can be changed at any time. If you tweet with your handle and someone replies to it, the reply will go to you even if they tagged the wrong person in their tweet.

On the other hand, only the person whose name is associated to a Twitter name can see everyone’s tweets. Although, if someone tweets a message protected with “@username”, only the person who tagged themselves in that tweet can see it.

Twitter Handle taken

Some people like to sell their handles and others give their Twitter handles away as gifts to other users. If you do sell a handle, make sure you have the legal right to do so.

This can get tricky because a Twitter handle, like a domain name for the website, is only owned by the person who has control over it. It’s not uncommon for accounts to be taken down by their owners if they are being exploited.

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