What is Twitter Pixel (Universal Website Tag) & How To Set It Up? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you are advertising on Twitter, then setting up the Twitter Pixel (also called Twitter Universal Website Tag) is a must.

In this Twitter ads tutorial, we are going to cover the most important things you have to know about the Twitter Pixel. What is it, how you can set the Twitter Pixel up, and many more.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Why is Twitter Pixel?

Twitter Pixel (officially called Twitter Universal Website Tag) is a javascript tracking pixel that helps track website visitors for your Twitter ad platorm.

Twitter Pixel allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of their Twitter advertising campaigns by understanding how many people visit their website after clicking on one of their tweets. The pixel also allows businesses to create custom audiences of people who have visited their website, based on how they interacted with their tweets.

With Twitter conversion tracking you can determine which ad campaign drives such actions as sign-ups, site visits, and purchases. It gives you the outside Twitter measurement and the ability to understand feedback from ads so that you can easily acquire customers. A Twitter Universal Website tag allows you to tie back user conversions to ad campaigns.

Some website actions that can be measured using the Twitter Pixel

  1. Purchase: This allows the user to buy products on your site
  2. Sign up: This allows users to sign for your emails and services.
  3. Site visit: The user can visit a site that lands on your website.
  4. Download: Enables users to download a file from your websites like either a software package or a white paper.
  5. Custom: This is non-specific and doesn’t fall under any above categories.

Why creating and installing Twitter Pixel is important?

Here are the most important reasons why you must set up the Twitter Pixel:

  • It enables one to know whether they see a favorable return in their ads
  • Allows a person to track down actions running on their websites and which one mainly drives value for their business.
  • Enables one to estimate the number of users partaking in specific actions
  • Allows you to tie back user conversions to ad campaigns and improve your campaigns to reach your cost per acquisition goals
  • Create Twitter
  • Create Twitter retargeting campaigns based on the

How to set up conversion tracking with the Twitter Pixel?

Follow these simple steps to set up a conversion tracking using the Twitter pixel:

  1. Select a website tag

You can choose the tag from either a single event web tag or a universal web tag. A universal web tag is a single code snippet that’s installed on your web page to be able to track multiple conversions. It is the most preferred as it simplifies the tagging process and tacks the user’s movements across your website. On the other hand, a single event web is a unique code used to track one website conversion.

  1. Creation and installation of your site tag

Here you first log in to your ads account on Twitter. Click on tools the choose conversion tracking. After that, review the terms and conditions and click agree. A button named ” generate a web tag for conversion tracking.” Click on it. Finally, paste the snippet code.

  1. Set up conversion events

Chances are high that you use single event tags. First, you’ll have to create a new event by clicking on its button. After that, you’ll be given a form to complete.

  1. Add the conversion event to your ads campaign

Click on create a new campaign, then fill in the details of your ad. Tap on website conversion, which is found under optimization preference. This allows you to choose your events under the “key conversion metric.”

How to check if the Twitter universal website tag is working correctly?

  1. Verify your site tags status

After installation, you can verify your website in the conversion. There is three site tag status:

  • -Unverified: No pings have been received yet from the site tag
  • -Tracking: Pings are received within the last 24 hours in this status
  • -Dormant: No ping has been received from the site within the last 24 hours
  1. Using the Twitter helper extension

It pushes your tracking abilities further. This enables you to track whether the tags are firing and what parameters are being used and sent to Twitter.

  1. Verification to show that the site has been placed and that it is working well

In this step, your site tag is believed to have started transmitting data to the user interface UI:


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