How To Unprotect Tweets? [in 2022]

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Twitter does provide privacy to the users whereby you can opt to make your tweets visible to the public or not. If you don’t want random people viewing your tweets or retweeting them, you can set your account as protected, which automatically goes to a private account.

The good thing is that you can unprotect your Twitter account, which means putting your account back to public access. How do you unprotect your Twitter account on different devices? In this Twitter tutorial, we discuss that and more on what happens when you unprotect your Twitter account.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to unprotect Tweets, check out this video tutorial:

What are the public Tweets?

Have you logged in to your Twitter account and automatically got a notification of tweets from random people? It could be from government leaders, a mutual friend, or even a celebrity?

Well, these are what are known as public tweets. Public tweets are tweets that are viewed by the public. The person who sees these tweets does not have to be your follower, as they are accessible to everybody.

How to unprotect Tweets?

Maybe I should start by explaining what protected tweets mean. This is where you set up your account private such that only people following you or you have authorized to view your tweets can see them.

Anyone else who does not follow you will have to get permission from you before they can view the tweets. How? You (who have protected their tweets) will always get a notification in case one wants to follow you. You can either accept or deny the followers.

So, how do you unprotect the tweets on PC and MAC?

Unprotecting the tweets means making your Twitter account public again. Please note that PC and MAC devices follow the same steps when unprotecting tweets via the website. Follow the following steps to unprotect your tweets using either of the two devices.

  • Open the web browser on your PC/MAC and search for the page
  • Then sign in to your Twitter account
  • On the top right side of the screen, click on the ‘gear icon”, scroll down, and select settings
  • On the next mini page displayed on the left side, click on the “security and privacy” option
  • Then unclick the security and privacy option, and you will get a bar prompt to enter your account password.
  • Once you key in the password, scroll down the page, and click on the “save changes” option.

How do you unprotect Tweets on iOS/Android phones?

How to unprotect Tweets on iPhones?

  • Sign in to your Twitter account and tap on the “ME” tab, usually located on the gear icon
  • From the options, scroll down and select settings.
  • Scroll down to the security and privacy option
  • Check out the requests followers you have before you can unprotect your tweets such that if there are people you still don’t want to view your tweets, you can keep them blocked.
  • Then untick the private tweets.
  • Click save changes, and your Twitter account will be made public again.

How to unprotect Tweets on Android phones?

  • Log in to your Twitter account and select the “overflow icon.”
  • Then select settings
  • Please scroll down to the tweet privacy and uncheck it
  • Then save changes, and your tweets will automatically become public

What happens when you unprotect Tweets?

Here is what happen you when you unprotect your Tweets:

  • Your tweets will be visible to the public such that one does not need to follow you to get access to your tweets.
  • Also, new people can automatically follow you without asking for your verification before they can do so.
  • All your previous tweets that the public could not view become visible to everyone.

Can’t unprotect Tweets?

Wrong process

As discussed above, every device ranging from iOS PC and android, has specific steps that you need to follow when unprotecting the Twitter account. So, if you are missing some steps or following the wrong steps, you may not be able to unprotect the account. So, read through the steps and follow them well.

Failure to confirm changes

This is where you click on save changes after unprotecting the account. If you don’t click on this confirmation, the whole process will be invalid as no changes will be made to the account.


if you wonder how to unprotect tweets to make them public again, use the above steps to help you, depending on the device you use. Keep in mind that protecting your tweets means that random people have the authority to view your tweets and retweet or like them.

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