How to Upload Resume On LinkedIn? [in 2022]

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Showcasing skills and talents via a Linkedin resume is a great way to display the best of your working talents. In this LinkedIn profile tutorial, we are going to show you  how to upload a resume on Linkedin and everything else related to LinkedIn resumes.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to add a resume on LinkedIn, check out this one:

Why You Should upload a Resume to Your Linkedin Profile?

A resume adds more specific details about your work history and accomplishments.

It shows your goals in life and the skills that have gotten you to the place you are now. A creatively crafted resume will show a possible employer why you are the best candidate for the job.

How to upload a resume to Linkedin Profile?

Here is how to upload your resume to your Linkedin profile:

  1. Log into your Linkedin account
  2. Click the ‘Me’ tab under your profile picture,Linkedin - View Profile
  3. Choose ‘View Profile’
  4. Select ‘More’ then ‘Build a resume’More - Build a resume on linkedin
  5. Click on ‘Upload Resume’upload resume on Linkedin
  6. Upload the resume to Linkedin and save it.

Tips for Linkedin Resumes

There are some basic tips for Linkedin Resumes that are necessary to know for any employee. Some of these include:

  • adding bullet points to showcase your skills,
  • bold the categories of Work History, Education, Skills, Accomplishments, etc.,
  • add 3 references of past supervisors who will speak well about your skills.

Add Bullet Points

Experts say that employers have about 6 minutes to read through the hundreds of resumes that come from possible employees. Using bullet points helps employers quickly know your skills without having to read a long extensive resume.

Categories Should Be In Bold

Bold lettering stands out against a regular lettered resume. Bold items should lead your employer into the different parts of your resume. Place categories like work history, accomplishments, skills, education, and references in bold to lead your employer into each section of your resume.

Three Great References as a Conclusion

Your possible employer will need three great references of past supervisors who will speak highly of your character and skills as a possible hire. Give your references full name, email address and telephone number along with the name of the company and the dates worked as a great reference point for your possible employer.

Can’t Upload Resume to Linkedin?

If you cannot upload your resume to Linkedin and are sure that you have followed the steps correctly to upload your resume, then you will have to go to customer support for questions and help. Customer service is there 24 hours 7 days per week to help with any issues regarding your Linkedin account. Remember to troubleshoot all possible leads, before asking for help through customer service.

Other Information Related to Uploading Your Resume to Linkedin

In addition to uploading your resume, you can save several different types of resumes on Linkedin that can be attached based on your job. This allows you to apply to a variety of different jobs at the touch of a button.

Linkedin gives you the space to post your qualifications so that possible employers can find you. Hiring representatives can go to Linkedin for getting a qualified person who will match or exceed what is needed to fill a position in the company. After you know how to add a resume to Linkedin, you can provide possible employers with your best resume skills and accomplishments for getting hired.

Now that you are familiar with how to add a resume to Linkedin, you can begin formatting your different types of resumes for the jobs you will be applying to online. Remember that resumes are a broader more specific extension of your profile and will showcase dates and skills that an employer wants to know about from you.

Do employers want to know what makes you stand out from the rest of the people around the country looking for work? With a great resume on Linkedin, you can let them know why you are so special and should be chosen for the job.

Use bullet points for easy reading, place categories in bold so they will lead your possible employer into each section of your resume and choose three great past supervisors as references who will verify your excellent work history and character. These are instant recipes for a successful resume that can lead to your dream job.

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