What is Instant Premiere On YouTube? How Does It Work? [in 2022]

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What is the Instant Premiere feature good for and how does it work? Some questions a YouTube newbie might have.

In this YouTube tutorial, we are going to show what an Instant Premiere on YouTube is, and we are going to explain what is the difference between an Instant YouTube Premiere and Scheduled Premiere, and many more.

If you want to learn more about YouTube Instant Premieres, check out this video tutorial:

What is Instant Premiere On YouTube?

An Instant Premiere is a YouTube video feature that lets creators create a Premiere for their new YouTube videos, and watch and chat with their audience while they watch the YouTube video for the first time.

what is an instant premiere on youtube

It is a great way to build engagement on the video when you publish it and you can also build a more personal relationship with your YouTube subscribers.

With YouTube Premieres, you can basically create a TV-show-like feeling for your videos and still engage with your audience at the same time.

There are two main types of YouTube premieres: Instant and Schedules Premieres. We will explain the benefits and cons of both of them later.

How does Premiere on YouTube work?

First, let’s see how the YouTube Premiere feature works.

When you set a YouTube video as a Premiere a live chat will be created on the YouTube video watch page where you can chat with your subscribers before and during the YouTube premiere.

Your subscribers will get a notification about the upcoming YouTube premiere if they turned the notification bell on your YouTube channel.

The URL of the YouTube video will be also created, so you can share and promote the premiere video on other social media platforms.

YouTube Instant Premiere types: Instant premiere vs Scheduled Premiere

There are two main types of Premieres on YouTube: Instant Premiere and Schedule Premiere.

When you publish a YouTube video as an Instant Premiere, the video will go live immediately but you can still chat with your audience while the Premiere is active.

When you set a Scheduled YouTube premiere, the premiere will be scheduled for a specified date and time.

The watch page will be active, so you can share the URL of the video and promote the Premiere on YouTube and any other social media platforms, websites, email lists you have access to.

Your fans and subscribers are also more likely to show up for the YouTube premiere if you preschedule it.

If you set the video as a Scheduled Premiere, you can also customize the YouTube Premiere with a customized countdown theme.

For these reasons, in most cases, we would recommend scheduling your YouTube video Premieres

YouTube Premiere vs YouTube live stream

A YouTube Premiere is similar to a YouTube Livestream as you can engage with your audience while the YouTube premiere is active.

In a way, it might be even more effective than a YouTube live stream as you can fully focus on chatting and engaging with the viewers of the YouTube video.

While you get the benefits of the live chat features, you can still upload a prerecorded, edited video with a high production value that can get views and engagement after the YouTube premiere is over.

If you are eligible, you can also enable Super Chats and make more money from your YouTube videos this way.

How to set a video as an Instant Premiere?

We have a separate YouTube guide on how to set a YouTube video as an Instant Premiere where we also share tips to get the most out of YouTube premieres:

FAQ – What is a YouTube Instant Premiere?

Here are some frequently asked questions related to YouTube Instant Premieres:

How to watch a YouTube premiere earlier?

Currently, there is no way to watch a YouTube premiere earlier than its scheduled premiere time.

What does premiered mean on YouTube?

Premiered on YouTube means that the video went live as a YouTube premiere, so the viewers and the creators could chat live during the video premiere.

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