How To write articles on LinkedIn? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn will display articles in your profile’s Activity section which can be shared on it and on different social media platforms. All admins and members including content admins and super admins can write articles on LinkedIn about their interests and expertise. Your followers and connections will be notified about your published LinkedIn articles which will be shown in their news feed.

If you prefer to watch  a video tutorial on how to write articles on LinkedIn, check out this tutorial:

How To write articles on LinkedIn?

Before publishing, the only way to preview your written content is via the article draft which prior to publishing can even be shared with others. If you want to avoid comments as I do, then you can choose the option to disable it on your published articles. You should definitely try out publishing as there is the option to edit and delete articles as and when required; the process is quite easy as well.

You have to go to the homepage and select the Write Article button on the top section which shows you the LinkedIn publishing tool.

  1. To type your heading, choose the Headline field.
  2. After this, you will be allowed to type the content of your article by clicking on the Write Here field. You can add other related things like hyperlinks, images, and other media here as well.
  3. Once you are done with everything, click on the Publish button. You have to follow the prompts provided to successfully publish the article in question.

Here, I should mention that you might face trouble handling the Headline field effectively. This problem can occur when you have some browser extensions like Grammarly and Lazarus as they block this functionality. So, do disable such browser extensions and refresh the editor before starting the process of publishing the article when you are facing this particular common problem.

How To Write articles as a LinkedIn Company Page?

When taking the step to publish the article, you will be given the option to publish it as yourself or as contently. You must know by now that you have to select the Write Article button to publish the article. It also gives you the option of publishing from your company page.

Profiles that contain “link posts” that is known for guiding the visitors or interested parties to another site is considered as worst performing accounts. LinkedIn members were searching for a solution, and publishing articles written by you exclusively on your company page become popular. LinkedIn opened up the capability to show thought leadership tales natively on it.

Articles that are found on LinkedIn have a popular reputation as many people consider it as valuable information. So, you should definitely consider this function to write articles on LinkedIn as it will help you by increasing your company’s reach online. However, you should first post the article on your content or blog hub before releasing it via the company page on the platform to enjoy added benefits.

You should consider publishing your articles via your company page as it can help you out effectively. This is a new feature and social network is known for paying extra algorithm attention to latest features in order to increase drive adoption. Just follow the steps to post articles on LinkedIn as per the prompts for it to showcase the article in question on your company page.

Tips for writing a successful LinkedIn Article

By now you are familiar with the steps to writing articles on LinkedIn. Here I should mention that you need to provide excellent and correct content in order to grow your reach effectively and naturally. Thus, to help you out some tips to come up with a successful article to post on this platform have been mentioned next; do read on to know more:

  • While writing the article on the publishing tool, format the article to make it easy to read and consume. Increase readability with bullet points and subheadings and such other tricks via the formatting toolbar.
  •  The area above the headline contains buttons that will allow you to post videos, images, or rich media in the article. You should take advantage of it to standout.
  • You profile setting will determine if your article will be searchable both on and off this platform. You should set your public profit visibility “On”, so that your article can be distributed publicly to everyone.

Summary – Publishing articles on LinkedIn

There you have it; now you know everything that you need to know to write articles on LinkedIn effectively and accurately. Some other information and tips have been provided to make you an expert on this topic. So, do take into consideration the information provided above to get the best out of LinkedIn and its added beneficial features.

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