How To Activate Follow Button On Your Facebook Profile? [In 2023]

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If you also use your Facebook profile to promote your business, then it also makes sense to enable the opportunity for people to follow your Facebook profile. All you have to do is add the follow button to your Facebook profile.

In this Facebook marketing tutorial, we are going to show you how to activate the Facebook follow button on your Facebook profile.

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to add the Follow button on Facebook, check out this one:

If you are using the desktop computer, check out this one:

Why you should activate the Follow button on Facebook profile?

If you are using your personal profile for business purposes as well, then activating the follow button on your Facebook account is a must.

As this approach is 100% scalable, you won’t bump into the ceiling of 5000 Facebook friends. There is no limit on how many people can follow your personal Facebook profile.

You can then use your Facebook profile as another channel to promote your brand or your business.

As this is a personal Facebook profile, you won’t be able to run Facebook ads to boost your posts but since it is a profile the algorithm will also not limit your organic reach so much as it would limit a Facebook page reach. So let’s see how to add Follow button on Facebook step by step.

How to add Follow button to Facebook account?

Here is how to activate the Follow button on your Facebook page:

  1. Open Facebook,
  2. Click on the “Down arrow’ on the top right corner.
  3. Click on ‘Settings and Privacy’.settings and privacy of your Facebook profile
  4. Then on ‘Settings’
  5. Click on ‘Privacy’.
  6. First, click ‘Edit’ on ‘Who can send you Friends request?’
  7. Change it to ‘Friends of friends’activate the follow button on your Facebook profile
  8. Click on ‘Public posts’.Facebook posts settings
  9. Under the ‘Who can follow me’ section, click on ‘Friends’.who can follow me settings
  10. Change it to ‘Public’

If you are on your mobile phone, here is a great video tutorial on how to add the follow button to your Facebook profile:

How To the Add Follow Button To Your Facebook Comments?

If you go through the process above, the Follow button should also appear if you have written a comment on a newsfeed or a Facebook group post.

So first, you have to make sure that only ‘friends of friends’ can send you a friend request. Then in the ‘Who can follow me section’ change the setting to ‘Public’.

This process will also enable the follow button next to your name when you are commenting anywhere on Facebook.

Can’t add the Follow button to Facebook account

If you followed the process we have outlined above, you should have added the follow button to your personal Facebook profile.

You might not see the ‘Follow’ button on your Facebook profile yet, as it is only shown to the public, it is not shown to you, as you can’t follow yourself. However, there is a way to check this.

How to check if I have successfully added a follow button on Facebook?

If you are not sure if you have successfully added the ‘Follow’ button, here is how to check it.

  1. Open your Facebook profile.
  2. Click on the three dots under your cover photo.
  3. Click on ‘View as’.
  4. Now, you will see your profile as a non-friend person would see it.add follow button to Facebook profile

You should now see the ‘Follow’ button under your profile picture.

How to add the Follow button to a Facebook business account?

The process we have shown you only works for personal Facebook accounts. If you want to add the Follow button to a Facebook page, the process is completely different.

We have a separate tutorial on it, and you can check that out here:

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