What Does Actively Recruiting On LinkedIn Mean?

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The term “actively recruiting on LinkedIn” may be confusing for employers. What’s the deal with this social media platform for it to work?

What does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean?

Posts labeled “Actively Recruiting” on LinkedIn are likely to help you in your job search. Who knows what that means.

When you say you’re actively recruiting, you indicate you’re looking for qualified individuals. The word “actively recruiting” refers to the practice of actively searching for and contacting potential employees. It is possible to do this in various ways, such as through referrals from current employees and the creation of talent pools.

Where can you locate recruiters who are actively using LinkedIn?

To discover recruiters in your industry or location, type “Recruiter,” “Recruitment,” or “Headhunter” into the search box. You won’t miss any recruiters with varied job titles if you do this. Before proceeding, you should also ensure that the dropdown is on the “People” option.

In what ways can LinkedIn be used positively?

LinkedIn launched the Recruiting for Good program to help NGOs find and hire the best candidates for critical, high-impact positions. LinkedIn offers this feature for free.

Should I not apply for a job if you don’t see the Actively recruiting Tag?

You can still apply. Employers who actively accept applications will have their job ads marked with the Tag Actively recruiting when you conduct a LinkedIn job search.

On LinkedIn, “actively recruiting qualified candidates” refers to firms actively searching for qualified people for available positions.

Such job listings include a tag that specifies the type of position for which an applicant is applying. To land a high-paying job, you must build a LinkedIn profile and provide your personal information.

If you use LinkedIn to hunt for a job, you’ll notice the “currently recruiting” Tag next to the company name.

There are no restrictions on hiring for positions that do not have a tag.

The algorithm determines who is eligible for a tag.

Many people find out about available positions through responding to job postings. When it comes to hiring on LinkedIn, recruiters are always looking for talented individuals with relevant experience. They’ll connect with the right people and make room for them at your business.

LinkedIn’s active recruiters can help job seekers advance their careers. LinkedIn recruiters are available to all employers and qualified applicants. This team will serve as an intermediary between the job seeker and the employer, facilitating both parties’ needs.

Employers might indicate that they are looking for newly qualified individuals for open positions on their profile. An announcement of a job opening will be made, and interested parties will apply for the post.

How To Add Actively Recruiting Tag as a company?

Get a job on LinkedIn by following these simple steps.

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile

You can bypass the second step if you already have a LinkedIn account. It’s not too late to start one on LinkedIn. To create a new LinkedIn account, go to the LinkedIn homepage and follow the on-screen instructions. Your professional and personal information, as well as a photo, will be requested by LinkedIn.

2. Create a LinkedIn company page

You’re all set to begin the process of setting up a LinkedIn corporate page. Select “Work” from the dropdown menu next to your avatar in the upper-right corner of your page. “+Create company page” will be an option in the dropdown menu. To begin, click here. Your company page will require a unique URL and a brief description (250 and 2000 characters, including spaces).


  1. Click on the ‘Jobs’ icon

Post a job by clicking the jobs symbol (the one that looks like a briefcase) at the top of your website and then clicking the right-hand side button that reads, “Post.”

  1. Describe your job

You should enter details about your position here.

You’ll be prompted to do so via LinkedIn. You will use your company page’s description to populate your company’s description.

Select the skills you require

You will use the job description you provide on LinkedIn to populate your skillset. You’ll also be asked to identify the talents you’ll need to perform your job duties well. The right people will see your job posting if you include a list of relevant talents. LinkedIn recommends including at least ten skills on your profile to reach a specific audience of job seekers.

Can’t Add Actively Recruiting Tag

They may have interviewed other individuals but didn’t find the right fit, so they reposted the job on other sites to restart the process. Some organizations even repost job listings on LinkedIn to scout candidates even if they don’t intend to recruit anyone right now. But if they think you’re a good fit, I imagine you’ll hear back. You can only apply till they contact you.

Only you can decide how active to be. In a world when everything is visible and searchable, you want your online activity to indicate that you care about the world and other people.

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