How To Add Facebook Pixel To A ClickFunnels Page? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you are running Facebook or Instagram ads on your ClickFunnels pages, you must install the Facebook Pixel to ClickFunnels.

In this Facebook Pixel tutorial, we are going to show you how to add the Facebook Pixel to the ClickFunnels website.

If you prefer to watch a full tutorial on how to add the Facebook Pixel to your ClickFunnels website, check out this one:

Why Installing the Facebook Pixel to a ClickFunnels website is Important?

The following are the benefits of installing Facebook Pixel to ClickFunnels:

  • You get a better understanding of your audience.
  • In marketing, consumer knowledge helps the management learn the preference and feedback. Better understanding will make you know what to trade.
  • It helps use browsing information to gain a better understanding of your audience. This ensures that adverts reach people who are interested in the market item.
  • Facebook pixel provides information on shoppers that make quick purchases based on simple features like price. It helps you enhance better advert formats for quick shoppers.
  • Promotes in-store traffic
  • Some of the audience may be interested in visiting your stores. You create an advertisement with key details such as location and opening hours.

How to Add Meta Pixel Code to a ClickFunnels Website

Adding Facebook Pixel to the ClickFunnels page or website is quite easy:

  1. Start on Facebook
  2. Tap where it is indicated to manage ads on the setting close to the top right side.
  3. On the upper left section, tap and choose where it is labeled all tools.
  4. Choose pixels
  5. Select “setup” and then set the code manually
  6. Copy the piece of code right away.

Go to ClickFunnels:

  1. Log in to ClickFunnels
  2. Choose funnels, and select the funnel of choice to install the pixel with
  3. Go to the first step of the funnel and select “edit page.”
  4. Go to settings, then “tracking code.”
  5. Paste the code that you earlier copied.
  6. Repeat for each step on the funnel.

Pixel Events Tracked on a ClickFunnel Website

Facebook Pixel events alert Facebook that a visitor visited a particular page linked to a specific ad account. Several events are tracked, and Facebook knows when they might occur.

  • Purchasing event

When a consumer is interested in an item, they click to purchase. Facebook helps by shortening the process and connecting the consumer to the marketer.

  • Registration event

When an audience loads a page and is interested, they register to gain membership. The registration process is made easier, and the website owner, through customer care, verifies it.

  • Lead event

The top events are noted easily, such as the frequency of people visiting the site. The information through Facebook helps you market the right item with the best advertising details. Sending the data to Facebook helps in tracking actual sales. Facebook helps you communicate to people who saw or clicked the advert.

Facebook Pixel Issues on a ClickFunnel’s Website

Some certain issues/errors occur on the Facebook Pixel.

They include:

  • No pixel found.

The pixel code sometimes disappears, and the Facebook Pixel Helper icon displays a message to alert you. The message notifies you that you should replace the pixel code.

  • the Facebook Pixel Pixel did not load

The pixel may lack to receive information from the website to Facebook. This can be caused by setting the pixel only to get information about dynamic events. You can click the pixel helper and check if there is a solution to the problem.

  • Not a standard event

It occurs when the pixel helper identifies an event code on your website that does not align with one of the standard events. It commonly happens by typing errors.

  • The Facebook Pixel Pixel Activated Multiple Times

Facebook pixel on your website may have sent a similar message to Facebook several times. The issue can be corrected by avoiding placing event codes on a similar page many times.

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