How to Add the Follow Button to Your LinkedIn Profile? [in 2023]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you are a pretty popular person in your industry, chances are you will receive a ton of LinkedIn connection requests. It would be hard to keep track of those things especially if you’ve reached the maximum number of connections. So what you can do instead is to switch the ‘Connect’ button with the ‘Follow’ button on your LinkedIn profile.

In this LinkedIn profile tutorial, we are going to show you how to add the follow button on LinkedIn.

If you prefer to watch a LinkedIn video tutorial on how to add follow button on your LinkedIn profile, check out this one:

Why Follow Button can be More Beneficial to your LinkedIn profile?

If you are in LinkedIn’s influencer program then your ‘Connect’ button can be replaced with the ‘Follow’ button.

Believe it or not, those who follow you would get updated on their feed right away regarding the latest things that you do there and it could even show up higher on their feed depending on what time they decide to log in. As a result, they can engage in conversations with you depending on what the topic is and they can even refresh their feed many times until your latest activity pops up there.

Your followers are basically the same as your first-degree connections with regards to the content they see on their feed about what you do.

The only difference is that you won’t be able to see their actions on LinkedIn which would reduce the amount of content in your feed. If you are tired of all the things you see on your feed then switching to the Follow button may be such a splendid idea.

LinkedIn advises connecting only with people you know in order to prevent online stalking.

Even if LinkedIn is a social media platform meant for professionals, you can’t still avoid other people from trying to scam you. As a result, make the switch to ‘Connect’ button and you will not have to worry about connecting with people you don’t know as you would be able to distinguish your followers from your connections.

How to Add the Follow Button to Your LinkedIn profile?

Here is how to add the follow button to your LinkedIn profile:

  1. All you need to do is to go to this link and you can do whatever you want with it.
  2. If you want to do it the long way then you can go to the ‘Visibility of your LinkedIn activity option that you will unlock once you go to the Privacy settings.
  3. When you go there, you can click the ‘change’ link next to the followers area.
  4. The only thing left to do after that would be to go to the ‘Everyone on LinkedIn’ option then slide to Yes.

When that is done, your ‘Connect’ button becomes ‘Follow’ and people can more easily follow your profile without sending your a LinkedIn connection request.

If you think that you deserve this recognition or you’ve been a member of LinkedIn for a while then you have all the right to do it as it is one process that won’t really take too much of your time unless you are in a place that has a slow WiFi connection so if you experience that then better go someplace that has a better connection..

Other Information Related to Follow Button on LinkedIn

LinkedIn changes a lot as now there is the ‘Creator’ mode that you can switch to. If ever you decide to switch to that mode then your button will indeed be ‘follow’ right away and not connect.

Yes, it is one of those shortcuts that you should be aware of. However, it would be best to go over the basics of LinkedIn before doing something as drastic as this as doing so could alter your future in more ways than one.

Remember that making this change means you won’t need to approve all the LinkedIn users who decide to follow you.

It is possible they will decide to unfollow you whenever they wish and you won’t know about it. Of course, the more followers you have, the more presentable it would be to other people.

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