How to Add a Website Link to LinkedIn Profile? [in 2022]

If you have your own website, you should add it to your LinkedIn profile so your visitors would know where to go.

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In this LinkedIn tutorial, we will teach you how to add a website link to your LinkedIn profile whether it is your official website or not.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to add a website link to LinkedIn profile, check out this one:

How many website URLs can you add to the LinkedIn profile URL?

You can add as many as three websites to your LinkedIn profile. You must label each website either as your company, blog, or personal website. Surely, LinkedIn does not want you to add some random websites so people won’t get pushed to making LinkedIn accounts just to promote those websites.

If it is a personal website, you can choose your Facebook or Twitter account. Surely, the website of the company you are working for can represent your company website. You can even choose to put a link to your portfolio if you have one and if you don’t then now is the time to make one as it is your best chance to let everyone know what you bring to the table.

How to Add a Website Link to LinkedIn Profile?

It is not that hard to add a website link to a LinkedIn profile as the first thing you would need to do would be to click on the pencil icon.

This would take you to the place where you can edit your contact information. You will eventually see the ‘add website’ option and that is where you can choose to add website links to whichever websites that you would want.

Don’t forget to tick the right description for the URL link on the right side of it. After all, you would let readers know what exactly it is by ticking on the right option among a few options including Blog, RSS Feed, Company, and Other.

How to Add a Custom Description to Your Website URLs?

While you are choosing among all the options you can put about your website URL, you can choose the ‘other’ option. This would prompt another field for you to fill up. Now, you can fill up the field by describing the URL that you put there.

Remember to not make the description too long as nobody would want to read a two-page description. Of course, you should make it short and straight to the point so that readers would know whether they would go to the website or not. In fact, it should just be a sentence or two as long as it would nail all the important details.

Can’t Add a Website to LinkedIn Profile

One reason you can’t share the website link is when there are white spaces in between the link. Hence, you should contact the website owner in order to remedy that problem. Another cause can be that the website may not have been updated for a pretty long time so you should move towards other options.

Another reason you can’t add the website you prefer would be the fact that the website is not a working one. You can check the website yourself and it is possible you put the wrong link in your profile as you could have misspelled a certain part in the link as you can only blame yourself for that miscue. As a result, you can put the right one so that it would work out for everyone involved.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Profile Website Links

It would be important to take this rare opportunity rather seriously so better not put websites that is about graphical content. You can expect LinkedIn to ban you from the website if that happens. Besides, when you signed up for LinkedIn, there is a chance you agreed to the terms and conditions which meant you would want to read all of that so if you don’t agree with the terms then you don’t have to proceed.

Your Twitter link is one less option to put as your website URL since there is a field in your profile where you can put your Twitter handle. The reason for this is the immense popularity of the social media platform. It is not a required field so you can opt to not put your Twitter username.

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