Top 10 Best ChatGPT Plugins For Data Analysis

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Welcome to our blog post on the best ChatGPT plugins for data analysis! If you’re looking to supercharge your data analysis capabilities and unlock powerful ChatGPT data analysis plugins, you’ve come to the right place.

In this ChatGPT Plugin article, we’ll introduce you to a selection of top-notch ChatGPT plugins that can revolutionize your data analysis workflow.

Whether you need mathematical computations, market data, news summaries, demographic insights, or even sports analytics, these plugins have got you covered.

Best ChatGPT Plugins For Data Analysis

Here are the best ChatGPT plugins that can help you in data analysis:

Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin

Access computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data through Wolfram. This plugin provides powerful tools for performing complex calculations, accessing mathematical functions, and retrieving curated knowledge and real-time data.

It can be used to perform mathematical operations, generate statistical analyses, and retrieve relevant information for data analysis tasks.

Polygon ChatGPT Plugin

Market data, news, and fundamentals for stocks, options, forex, and crypto from This plugin offers comprehensive market data, news updates, and fundamental information for various financial instruments, enabling data analysis and informed decision-making.

It provides access to real-time and historical financial data, which can be used to analyze market trends, evaluate investment opportunities, and conduct quantitative analysis.

BlockAtlas ChatGPT Plugin

Search the US Census! Find data sets, ask questions, and visualize. This plugin allows users to search and access data sets from the US Census, enabling data analysis, exploration, and visualization.

It provides access to a wide range of demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic data, which can be used for demographic analysis, spatial analysis, and data visualization.

World News ChatGPT Plugin

Summarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.

With this plugin, users can retrieve news headlines from different sources, facilitating the analysis of current events and trends. It can be used to gather news data for sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and tracking emerging trends.

Metaphor ChatGPT Plugin

Access the internet’s highest quality content. Recommended by people, powered by neural search. This plugin provides access to high-quality content on the internet, recommended by users and powered by neural search algorithms.

It can be useful for gathering information and conducting research. It allows users to retrieve relevant articles, research papers, and resources for data analysis, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and insights in their field.

Redfin ChatGPT Plugin

Have questions about the housing market? Find the answers to help you win in today’s market.

This plugin offers insights and information about the housing market, allowing users to analyze real estate trends, prices, and other relevant data. It can be used for real estate market analysis, property valuation, and understanding market dynamics.

Public ChatGPT Plugin

Get real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis.

This plugin provides access to real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news updates, research reports, and financial analysis, facilitating data-driven decision-making. It enables users to track market performance, analyze investment opportunities, and conduct financial research.

Crypto Prices and News ChatGPT Plugin

Access the latest crypto prices and news from (formerly This plugin enables users to retrieve up-to-date cryptocurrency prices and news, supporting analysis and tracking of the crypto market.

It allows users to monitor cryptocurrency prices, analyze market trends, and make informed investment decisions based on real-time data.

Tutory ChatGPT Plugin

Access affordable, on-demand tutoring and education right at your fingertips. Tutory offers on-demand tutoring and educational resources, allowing users to enhance their knowledge and skills in various subjects relevant to data analysis.

It can be used to learn data analysis techniques, programming languages, statistical methods, and other skills necessary for effective data analysis.

ndricks Sports ChatGPT Plugin

Get information about pro teams (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) teams by calling the ndricks Software Sports API. This plugin provides access to information about professional sports teams, including NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB, enabling users to gather data for sports analytics.

Other best ChatGPT Data Analysis Plugins

Are you missing any data analysis ChatGPT plugins from our list of best ChatGPT Plugins for data analysis list?

The ChatGPT plugin landscape is developing rapidly, so make sure to check back as we will update these best ChatGPT plugin lists as frequently as we can.

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