Top 10 Best ChatGPT Plugins For Graphic Design

Written by: Peter Sullivan
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Discover the top 10 ChatGPT plugins tailored for graphic design. These ChatGPT plugins offer creative tools, data insights, and efficient communication capabilities.

From generating effective prompts to finding visual references, these plugins revolutionize the design process.

Explore our resources for using, enabling, and installing ChatGPT plugins, and access the complete list of available options. Elevate your graphic design experience with ChatGPT plugins.

Best ChatGPT Plugins For Graphic Design

Here is the list of the top 10 best ChatGPT plugins for graphic design:

1. Noteable ChatGPT Plugin

Create notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown to explore data, visualize, and share notebooks with everyone. This plugin is useful for data analysis and visualization tasks in graphic design.

2. Crafty Clues ChatGPT Plugin

Guess the words that the AI craftily clues for you. Add restrictions to make the game more interesting. This plugin can help spark creativity and wordplay, which are essential in graphic design.

3. Comic Finder ChatGPT Plugin

A plugin that finds a relevant comic given a description. Currently supports XKCD and SMBC comics. This plugin can provide inspiration and visual references from popular comics, which can be incorporated into graphic design projects.

4. Show Me ChatGPT Plugin

Create and edit diagrams directly in chat. This plugin allows you to visualize and communicate your design ideas through diagrams and visual representations.

5. Word Sneak ChatGPT Plugin

The AI has to sneak 3 secret words into your conversation. Guess the words to win the game! This plugin promotes creativity and brainstorming by incorporating hidden words into conversations, which can inspire unique design concepts.

6. Polarr ChatGPT Plugin

Search Polarr’s massive pool of user-generated filters to make your photos and videos perfect. This plugin provides access to a wide range of filters and editing tools, allowing you to enhance and optimize your design visuals.

7. PortfolioPilot ChatGPT Plugin

Your AI investing guide: portfolio assessment, recommendations, answers to all finance questions. This plugin can help graphic designers understand the financial aspects of their work, such as pricing, budgeting, and investment strategies.

8. Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin

Type ‘perfect’ to craft the perfect prompt, every time. This plugin assists in generating effective prompts or briefs for design projects, ensuring clear communication and alignment with client requirements.

9. Golden ChatGPT Plugin

Get current factual data on companies from the Golden knowledge graph. This plugin provides access to up-to-date information about companies, including their profiles, financials, and industry trends. It can be valuable for market research and creating designs tailored to specific businesses.

10. Keyplays Live Soccer ChatGPT Plugin

Latest live soccer standings, results, commentary, TV stations, key plays (with and without scores). This plugin can be useful for designing sports-related graphics, such as posters, banners, or social media content, by providing real-time soccer data and statistics.

These plugins can enhance the graphic design process by offering inspiration, creative tools, data insights, and efficient communication capabilities.

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