How To Block Someone On Twitter? [in 2022]

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Since Twitter is slowly replacing email as the preferred mode of communication, some Twitter users find that they have followers who are sending spam messages and are creating other problems. They would like to find out how to block these annoying Twitter users so that they cannot contact the user using Twitter.

In this beginner Twitter tutorial, we are going to show you how to block someone on Twitter and everything that is related to this.

How to block someone on Twitter?

The most popular way to block a person on Twitter is using the option on a message which he has posted.

For every message, there is an arrow that is pointing downwards.

Clicking on the arrow will show different options like embed tweet, block user, report tweet, and others. The user should use the option to block the user with the user name.

Alternately the user can go to the Twitter profile of the person he wishes to block. There is an icon for more … on the profile page.

There are multiple options offered, including the block option. The user should select the block option and then confirm the blocking of the Twitter user. The procedure for blocking is similar on the Twitter app which is available both for iPhones and Android phones.

What happens when you block someone on Twitter?

When a specific Twitter user is blocked, he cannot follow you and you will automatically not be able to follow him. He also cannot view your tweets when he logs into Twitter unless he has reported you for Tweets that mention him.

The blocked Twitter user cannot use the search feature to find the Tweets which you have made. Additionally, the blocked user cannot receive direct messages from you and you cannot send messages to him.

The blocked user cannot view those who are following you and the lists of your followers and likes when he logs into Twitter. He will also not be able to view a moment you have created when logged in to the Twitter account.

He will not be able to add your Twitter account to his list. He also cannot tag you in a photo. The blocked users’ Tweets will not appear in your timeline. Unless you unblock the user, he will not be able to follow him in the future.

The Twitter account holder will not receive any notification that his account is blocked by you. However, if he visits your profile when logged in, he will get information that his account has been blocked.

Though you will not get any notification from the blocked account, if anyone you follow mentions the blocked account, it will be visible. Additionally, if the blocked account reports your account, he will be able to get the tweets that are mentioning his account.

You should be aware that you are only blocking a particular Twitter account, not the person. If you have a public account, he can view your Tweets.

There are many tools available that archive the various Tweets, and if he uses these tools, he can still monitor your Twitter account. In a few cases, the person you blocked may create another Twitter account for harassing you, and in this case, you can report the person to Twitter or the police.

Can’t block followers on Twitter

In some cases, there may be a problem with the Twitter website or the internet connection may be very slow, or DNS error due to which you may not be able to block followers on Twitter.

In most cases, this is a temporary problem, you should try again after a few hours or the next day. However, if the problem does not resolve, the computer, smartphone, browser or app may be hacked.

Apps are more likely to be hacked compared to browsers, and if the browser is hacked, you should try using another browser with better security features.

Blocking a follower vs removing a Twitter follow

If you block a Twitter follower, he can easily find out that you have blocked him by visiting your profile, since he will get a blocked message. This can adversely affect the relationship with the Twitter follower.

To avoid this problem, Twitter now allows users to remove a Twitter follower. The user has to go to the list of Twitter followers, find the follower he does not want, and remove the follower using the option provided. This allows the user to restrict the persons who are monitoring his tweets.

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