How To Boost a LinkedIn Post? [in 2022]

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Boosting a LinkedIn post is a quick way to ensure your content is seen by more eyes, increasing shareability and traffic.

In this LinkedIn advertising tutorial, we are going to show you how to boost a LinkedIn post step by step.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to boost a LinkedIn post, check out this tutorial:

Can you Boost a LinkedIn post?

Yes, you can Boost your LinkedIn posts to reach a wider audience. LinkedIn offers several options for paid promotion, including Sponsored Content, message ads, text ads, and dynamic ads.

Enhance your LinkedIn page postings with an advertising campaign to expand their reach. Choose a goal for raising your post, define the audience to which it will be shown, and set a budget and timetable for how long it will be boosted.

These ads booster options deliver a promotion-like message to your target audience, but the options are different. Sponsored Content appears in a user’s feed as an organic post from one of their connections.

Message ads share your message within the LinkedIn network alongside organic Content, building off the company page followers you’ve already grown. Boosted posts offer more targeting options than Sponsored Content and cost less money – but they generally have less reach.

If you want to maximize your reach for minimal spending, go with Sponsored Content. But if you’re looking for broader distribution at a low price point, pick an ad that’s applicable for you.

How To Boost a LinkedIn post step by step?

Here is how to boost a LinkedIn post:

  1. Find the post you’d like to promote in your Page’s Updates feed using the Admin view of your Page.
  2. To access the Boost post page, click the Boost button above the post.
  3. Determine an objective from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose the sort of target audience for your campaign from the dropdown menu.
    • Profile-based: Job roles and responsibilities, company industries, and industry categories are examples of target audience criteria.
    • Interests-based: Select criteria from member groups based on your stakes.
    • LinkedIn Audience template: Choose from a LinkedIn Audience template with pre-made targeting settings.
    • Saved audience: Pick an audience that you’ve already established.

Click View audience summary to see the targeting choices for a specific group.

5. Strive to target your ideal audience.

  • Select the language of your audience’s profile.
  • Add the places where people may find your audience.
  • Users may include or exclude more targeting criteria by adjusting their audience type.
  • The audience may be saved by clicking the Save Audience button.
  • Verify the advanced settings for Automatic Audience Expansion and LinkedIn Audience Network.
  • Establish a lifetime appropriation and timetable.
  • Select a payment account to charge.
  • If you have Campaign Manager access or higher on numerous ad accounts connected to the LinkedIn Page, move onto this step.
  • The system will establish a new ad account if you don’t already access a Campaign Manager campaign.
  • Discover more about ad accounts that you may use to improve a Page post.
  1. Click Boost.

Once you’ve boosted a post, a campaign will be created in your ad account with the selected campaign settings and ad. Boost_Post is the name of the campaign, which contains the objective and the date on which you boosted the post.

Campaign Manager contains these tools: View campaign performance or modify campaign settings from your ad account. You may also make changes to the boosted post and campaign parameters from your LinkedIn Page.

A LinkedIn post boosted from your Company page has a simplified campaign creation experience, but it also restricts the objectives, audience criteria, and available bid and budget choices. Create a campaign in Campaign Manager for comprehensive control.

What kinds of LinkedIn posts can you boost?

Not all of your LinkedIn Page’s content may be enhanced and artificially boosted for a wider audience.

You can use these ad types to your advantage:

  • Single-image ad
  • Video Campaigns
  • Event

You’ll need admin access on your LinkedIn Page to boost a post.

You won’t be able to boost posts that contain:

The number of LinkedIn posts you can use to boost your page is more limited than the postings available to select as advertising when creating a campaign from the Campaign Manager.

You’ll be able to browse existing content in Campaign Manager and pick your Page posts as sponsored content for the campaign if you create a campaign utilizing a Sponsored Content ad format.

You may choose items with a single photograph, video, or job ad when looking at existing material.

What campaign objectives are available for LinkedIn boost?

There are several options for customizing your boosted post’s results based on your needs. You’ll be able to choose from various marketing goals to optimize the impact of your increased posting.

When you boost a post on your LinkedIn Page, the options for accomplishing it are as follows:

  • Drive traffic to your page: Get more people to click on your landing page only accessible if your article includes a URL.
  • Increase awareness of your post: Increase the number of impressions for your content.
  • Get engagement on your post: Turn your post into a share-worthy or social-shareable piece of content by increasing the number of clicks and social actions it receives, such as likes, shares, comments, or follows.
  • Share your video post: You can get more people to watch your film with video views.
  • Increase awareness of your event: Increase the number of impressions on your event post.

To improve, a goal will be suggested based on the post selected.

  • You won’t pick Drive traffic to your page as an objective if you boost a post without a destination URL.
  • You won’t select Share your video post as an objective if you boost a post without a video.
  • You won’t be able to select Increase awareness of your event as an objective if you boost a post without an event.

When you improve a post, the objectives that may be chosen are identical to those in Campaign Manager. It’s handy to understand the marketing goal while looking at important performance indicators or filtering the reporting dashboard by objective.

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