How To Change LinkedIn Page URL? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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One of the best features that LinkedIn has is its utmost care for every user to showcase their skills. LinkedIn makes it possible to have the ability to customize and change the Linkedin Page URL. Today, I’ll teach you how to do it in the most comprehensive way.

How To Change LinkedIn Page URL?

When you’re changing your LinkedIn compane page/Showcase Page URL, you may wonder why it doesn’t take effect instantly. That’s not because of slow processing. It’s because the super admins are examining the minor changes first before proceeding.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to change LinkedIn page URL:

Step 1: Go into the LinkedIn Help Page and make sure it’s in Admin View.

Step 2: Select the button: Edit Page

Step 3: Select the Page Info, which is located on the left side of your Edit window.

Step 4: Fill in the field needed details for your LinkedIn Public URL changes.

Step 5: Save the changes.

Note that changing the LinkedIn page URL means that your old URL will be made available to another user. Hence, carefully review and think twice before applying changes.

Click here to know more about your Showcase Page URL.

LinkedIn Company Page URL Rules

Now that you know how to change your LinkedIn page URL, you should get familiar with the rules around it. As you may know, every LinkedIn page has its specific and designated URL. It contains unique identification numbers which are only visible for admins.

That identification number serves as the page’s secondary URL, making it secure and unique. And while your primary URL can be customized and edited as you like, the second one is authorized. Keep in mind these few things about your LinkedIn page URL.

  • The URLs for the pages are subject to change.
  • The URL and name of a page must be relevant to each other. A recommended URL cannot be deceptive or confusing in any way.
  • It is possible to route traffic to the page by using both the page’s public URL and the automatically allocated URL.
  • Renaming your Page does not result in an immediate change to the URL.
  • If you make changes to your Page URL, your original Page URL will link to the new Page URL.
  • Depending on the process, it could take several weeks until traffic is sent to the changed Page URL.
  • The modified URL of a Page will be accessible for use by other Page by request once it has been revised.
  • A Page URL can only be updated once every 30 days and is recommended to change once annually.
  • For pages that have officially closed, the URL will be made available after five months (180 days.

Why You Can’t Change LinkedIn Page URL

There are varying reasons why you can’t change your LinkedIn page URL. However, to give you a concise answer, I’ll lay down all the possible causes. Then I’ll give you an apparent solution.

  1. The URL may not be available

As stated earlier, you can only choose a unique URL that should not match other pages. So, one of the possibilities is that you can’t change the URL because it’s already taken. Consider choosing another URL and see if it will work to solve this.

  1. You just recently changed your URL.

Every six months, LinkedIn gives five chances for you to change your URL. That being said, if you recently changed your URL and maximized the limit, it’s natural to be unallowed next time. This is actually not recommended as changing URL often makes it difficult for others to find you.

To solve this problem, consider planning thoroughly about your URL. After doing some jotting down, research, consultation, or whatever is needed, that’s when you should change the URL. Meaning says you should be sure with your unique URL.

Why You Should Know How to Change LinkedIn Page URL

It is reasonable to be curious about how you can improve something you care about. Changing URLs are essential, especially when you are still on the stage of innovation and uncertainty. So, you must be able to do it when the time comes.

Knowing how to change LinkedIn page URL is a great way to prepare and enhance the page whenever you like. It gives you assurance and confidence that your account will do well. It also makes you feel secure and unique by itself.

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