How To Create a LinkedIn Business Page? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn is emerging as a good place for businesses. People can create business pages and connect with their audience easily. Building a business page on Linkedin is an easy process but some people may find problems with this. In this article, you will know how to build a business page on Linkedin solutions to problems while creating it.

What Are Linkedin Business Pages And Why Should You Create One?

LinkedIn Company pages/Business pages are a forum where you can post your company’s updates, information, job opportunities, work environment, and many more things. The Business page can be accessed by both followers and admins on signing in to on mobile and desktop.

Linkedin helps your business by promoting your services, enhancing your searchability, connecting you with your target audience, finding you useful content and sharing it with others, getting you the right job candidates, etc. Following the benefits, you must have a business page on Linked In.

How To Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

Creating a business page on Linkedin is a very easy and simple process.

Here is how to create a new Linkedin Business page:

  1. First, you have to click on the “work” icon of the LinkedIn homepage. It is in the top right corner.
  2. Select the option of “create a business/company page”.
  3. There are two options available after the second step, “small business” and “medium to large business”. You can choose either according to your business size.
  4. Enter the Institution or Company details, profile details, and Page Identity details.
  5. Last but not least, click on the ” create page “.

Tips For Setting Up a Linkedin Business Page

Creating a business page on LinkedIn is easy but is not the only task. You have to set it properly to give it a creative and good look. Below are a few tips to set up the business page on Linkedin:

  1. Upload a good page banner and profile picture.
  2. Compose an introduction ” About Us” column including suitable keywords.
  3. Be active on your business page, post some relevant stuff regularly.
  4. Grow and connect with your followers.
  5. Create a consumer page showing related information about your products.
  6. Create a career page to involve job seekers apart from consumers.
  7. Be updated with the LinkedIn algorithm.
  8. Organize virtual events often.

Can’t make a LinkedIn business page?

There might be some errors while you were creating a business page on LinkedIn which you might have not pondered upon. Those errors can be among these:

  1. Before creating the business page you must have a personal account on LinkedIn. It should be with your genuine identity.
  2. Your profile should be four or more days old.
  3. On your profile, there should be various connections and stay for a day after fresh invitations are approved.
  4. The current name of your business and your position should be listed in your profile’s Experience column.

If you have checked all these things and still it doesn’t work then before creating a business page, check these points below.

  1. Check that there is not an already existing page of your business. If it is then ask for Admin access.
  2. There should be a different URL for each page. This is to ensure that you can’t operate an already existing page’s URL.
  3. If you find your page as a listing page on LinkedIn then claim it.
  4. Don’t run into any error text while creating a page if it is a newly built profile.
  5. Verify the associated Linkedin account email address.
  6. Ensure enough connection by creating a professional network.

Check all these recommendations carefully and understand what it might be in your case.

Some tips to a successful LinkedIn business page

Today people want to see and consume something creative. I have found that members respond more to stories that show behind-the-scenes pictures. Uniqueness and values earn more views.

There are several tools on the Linkedin business page with which you can create a great impact on your audience and attract them towards your page. Always remember consistency and quality will reap you good results may be late but better!


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