How To Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn is a popular social media networking website that can also be used to engage customers and audiences. LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a tool similar to the marketing tools that can be found on Google and Facebook. It is one of the tools that businesses can use to find their target audience on LinkedIn.

Businesses can also find potential customers based on their location and attributes such as education, company, interest, traits, and job experience. The below-given information and article will provide you with more details on the Matched Accounts feature of LinkedIn and will help you utilize the feature for most benefits.

What are LinkedIn Matched audiences?

The Matched Audiences feature and tool on LinkedIn matches the business data with the professional data on LinkedIn, by using certain targeting options. The feature can help businesses sell to the accounts, promote the leads, find out the prospects, and re-engage people who have once visited the website.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences Types

The four important elements or types of LinkedIn Matched Audiences and the types are given below.

LinkedIn Retargeting: businesses can stand out in a buying process with the help of retargeting and by engaging the prospects/customers with LinkedIn ads or events.

LinkedIn Contact targeting: the feature helps businesses market the brand and the offering to the customers who are part of their email contact list.

LinkedIn Account targeting: the feature can be used to run marketing campaigns for specific accounts. It matches the target companies with more than 12 million LinkedIn pages.

LinkedIn Lookalike audiences: the feature helps a business locate audiences similar to the existing customers, and target account and website visitors.

The Matched Audiences can help you get more website visitors. It can be also used to promote the business offering to the contacts that you have in your CRM database and other marketing automation databases and platforms. The tool will help you focus more on the accounts and audiences that are qualified leads, or which are more likely to be converted to prospects. All the audiences can be merged in a single dashboard and the business can also be grown further by using the Lookalike feature of the tool.

How to create LinkedIn Matched audiences?

There are three types of tools that can be used within Matched Audiences feature for targeting the audience.

Website retargeting: a more consistent and successful marketing campaign can be run by using the website retargeting method and feature. You will have to place a “tag” on the website and then create the audiences by matching the website data and the visitor data. The tool can be used for marketing continuously for prolonged periods.

Contact targeting: the second option can be used for selling the services/products to the prospects and the customers. Here businesses can connect to customers who are in the decision-making stage of their purchase/buyer journey.

Account targeting: this option can be used by businesses to collaborate with the decision-makers of client businesses and the influencers.

Where you can find and manage Matched Audiences in LinkedIn Campaign Manager?

As stated, LinkedIn allows you to run different kinds of campaigns in Matched Audiences tool.


Below is the step-by-step procedure for locating Matched Audiences in Campaign Manager and using it in LinkedIn for retargeting the audience.

The Matched Audiences section and option can be found on the targeting screen in Campaign Manager.

  1. You can click “select” and use the website traffic for creating your audience.
  2. Next click on “create an audience”.
  3. Give a name to the retargeting segment that you have created.
  4. Enter the URL of the webpage that has to be retargeted. A dropdown option will appear where you can choose different kinds of retargeting options.
  5. Select “exact” for retargeting all LinkedIn members who visit the URL.
  6. Select “starts with” to target all the users who visited any page on the website having the URL.
  7. Select “contains” to retarget the visitors with certain specific character strings.
  8. Click “save”

Now you will be redirected to the insight tag. You will have to place this JavaScript code on your website for tracking the conversions and for retargeting.

The domain verification process may take up to 48 hours.

After the campaign is live, it will start delivering the results once the website is verified and there are at least 300 people listed.

Account Targeting

Within the same section of Campaign Manager, you can undertake account targeting, which is another feature of Matched Audiences targeting tool. You can refine your search in areas including location, company name, and others.

For account targeting, you can create a list of contacts for accounts after clicking on the “create an audience” reaction. You will have to give a name to the audience and upload a file containing a list of all companies you want. Up to 30 thousand companies can be included in the list.

You can upload the file and wait for up to 48 hours. After this time, you can find the target account list within the audience section of Campaign Manager.

Other information related to LinkedIn Matched audiences

LinkedIn Matched Accounts is one of the best ways to retarget customers and to sell more. It can also be used to create new prospects. However, you will have to wait for some time before the website and URL get verified and you can find the audience list. This period may go up to 48 hours.


All businesses can take advantage of the Matched Accounts feature of LinkedIn. It offers tremendous returns on revenue and businesses have witnessed up to a 40% increase in revenues in a rather short period of time by using the feature.

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