How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn is a professional social media website used to build business networks and help you find a job. You can create your profile, connect with people, groups, and companies, and share content. But how do you delete a LinkedIn company page if it isn’t working out?

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to a delete a LinkedIn company page, check out this one:

How to Delete a LinkedIn company page?

Here is how to delete a LinkedIn company page:

  1. Go to your Linkedin business page.
  2. Click “Admin Tools,” located in the upper-right corner of the page,
  3. Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu.

What Happens When You Delete a Linked Page?

If you delete a LinkedIn company page, it’s gone. We mean it. It will disappear from your profile and from anyone else’s who follows you, and any data you’ve accumulated over the years will be lost.

That means all the likes, comments, followers, and any other data associated with your page will disappear as well. Any Links to Your Company Page Will Be Broken

If you hyperlink from your website or blog to your LinkedIn company page, that link will be broken. That means that any of the traffic you’ve been generating from this link will stop as well.

Alternatives to Deleting a LinkedIn Business Page

It’s easy to delete your LinkedIn business page, but is that the best thing to do? If you have a few thoughts on what else could be done with that well-established domain. Here are several alternatives to deleting your LinkedIn business page and the reasons why you should consider them.

Make Your Page Private

You can make your page private, which means that it’s only visible to you and people who you’ve added as connections. This is a good choice if you’re not ready to entirely give up on the idea of having a page yet.

Deactivate Your Account

You can deactivate your account, which keeps your profile and information available to people who have already said they know you and want to stay in touch with you. It’s also a good option if you’re going to keep your business page around but don’t want to be active on LinkedIn anymore.

Rename Your Account

If you’d like to keep your business page but are looking for a change, consider rebranding. Renaming your business is a great way to get a fresh start, and it can be as easy as changing your company name and updating the URL of your LinkedIn account. This way, you’ll still have access to all of your connections and your profile information but will no longer be associated with the account’s name.

Can’t Delete a LinkedIn Business Page

Here’s an easy way around the “cannot delete” business page error on LinkedIn.

Check Your Admin access

Check the admin privileges for your LinkedIn business page to make sure you can delete it. If you can’t manage the company page, likely, you do not have admin privileges. Admin privileges are granted to an individual. Once they are, they are not automatically taken away. If an employee with admin rights leaves the company, those privileges will remain unless taken to remove the admin rights and add them to another individual.

Your Business May Have Multiple LinkedIn Pages

If you have more than one LinkedIn business page for your company, it may not be easy at first glance to tell which one is actually in use by your company and which one is just sitting there gathering digital dust.

For example, if you are a freelance writer and have two LinkedIn pages for your business (one for your own company and one for your page), it may be hard to tell which one is in use.

A Pending Request to Delete a Linked In Page

you might have a pending request to delete the page. This can happen if someone else has already started deleting the page and hasn’t finished. If this is the case, you won’t be able to delete it until either your request or theirs is finalized. If yours is older than theirs, you can always ask them to cancel their request, and yours will automatically go through.

Switch to the Correct Account and Try Again.

If you have more than one account associated with the business page, make sure that when you’re logged in, you’re using the correct one.

Try Using Another Browser or Incognito Mode in Case of Browser Issues

If you’re still unable to get it done, try using another browser or incognito mode in case of browser issues. Also, some browsers automatically update themselves when they need to, but others may not. If you’re using an outdated browser, it may be preventing you from accessing your page (or any other content on LinkedIn).


Now you have to know how to delete a LinkedIn business page and have no reason not to do so, assuming that you don’t need your page. It’s pretty simple, and if you follow the directions carefully, you should be able to complete the remova

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