How To Add A Donate Button To A Facebook Page? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you are running a non-profit organization then you should absolutely add a Donate button to your Facebook page.

In this Facebook page setup tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a Donate button and what other things you can do on your Facebook page to increase donations to your non-profit organization.

If you want to add a Donate button to your Facebook page posts, check out this tutorial:

How to add a donate button to a Facebook page?

Here is how to add a donate button to your Facebook page:

  1. Open the Facebook page.
  2. Click on ‘Edit button’.edit Facebook Call to Action button on the FB page
  3. Select ‘Shop with you or make a donation’.
  4. Click on ‘Donate’.
  5. Select ‘Next’ and then ‘Donate through Facebook’
  6. Click on the ‘Finish’ button.

Now the Donate Facebook page CTA button should appear on your Facebook page.

add Donate button to Facebook page

You can also check out this video tutorial on how to add a Donation button to the Facebook page:

Facebook’s Donate button not working on my Facebook page

If you can’t add the ‘Donate’ button then your Facebook page is currently not eligible for the ‘Donate’ button on your Facebook page.

If you want to add a donate button, then go through the steps here:

  1. Apply for Facebook’ Fundraising Tools first:
  2. Change the Facebook page category to Nonprofit Organization, Nongovernmental Organization or Charity Organization or to other non-profit page category type. (this is also necessary for signing up for Facebook’s Fundraising tools)
  3. Change your Facebook page template to a Nonprofit organization template.Donate Facebook page template

How to remove the Donate button from your Facebook page?

You can remove the ‘Donate’ button by changing the Facebook page template to something else than a non-profit organization.

Other ways to get donations on Facebook

Here are the other main ways how you can collect donations for your non-profit on Facebook.

Run On-Facebook donation ads

This is kind of a new thing, but you can run Facebook ads campaigns with a conversion objective and you can set the conversion event to ‘Facebook donation’.

You can also target two special Facebook Custom Audiences, ‘Previous Fundraiser Creators’ or ‘Previous Donors’.

Facebook donation ads

You can learn more about Facebook donation ads here:

Add Fundraiser sticker to your Facebook stories

By adding a fundraiser sticker to your stories you can get donations from people watching your Facebook stories.

Facebook Story fundraiser sticker

Add a donate button to your Facebook lives

Facebook lives can be also very useful and popular for your Facebook page followers. And it can be more effective for you if you can add a ‘Donate’ button to your Facebook page.

Encourage supporters to run fundraising for your non-profit

One of the best ways to get more donations from Facebook is to encourage your supporters to run fundraisers for your non-profit organization.

For instance, Facebook users can run dedicated fundraisers to your nonprofit for their birthdays on Facebook.

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