Facebook Call To Action Button on FB page Explained in 2022

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One of the best ways how you can customize your Facebook page is to add a customized Call to Action button to your Facebook business page.

In this short tutorial, we are going to tell you how to add a Facebook Call to Action button, what options you have for CTA buttons, and why you might be missing a Facebook Call to Action button on the FB page.

If you prefer a video tutorial on Facebook page Call to action button, check out this great video tutorial:

What is a Facebook page call to action button?

A Facebook call to action button can be found on the home page of a Facebook page. You can customize this Facebook CTA button so your Facebook page fans are more likely to perform the action that you want them to do.

Facebook page call to action button

So if your goal is to increase the follower count of your Facebook page, you can set the CTA button as a Follow button, but if your goal is to drive people to your website, you can change it to a ‘Learn more’ button.

We will show all of the Facebook page call to action button options in the second half of this blog post.

If you haven’t set up a Facebook call to action button yet, here is the step by step of setting it up:

How to set up a Facebook Call To Action button?

  1. Go to the Facebook business page where you want to add a Call to action button.
  2. Under the Facebook cover photo, click on ‘Add a button’add Facebook page button
  3. Here you will see the list of Facebook page CTA button you can select. Select the one that suits your business the most.
  4. The CTA button setup will differ based on what CTA button you chose. Go through the setup.
  5. Click on ‘Save’.

Once you have set up the Facebook call to action button, you can also test it. Just click on the button as the Facebook page and then select ‘Test Button’.

If you have already set up a Facebook CTA button on your page, the process is pretty much the same.

How to Change a Facebook Call to Action Button on a Facebook page?

  1. Go to the Facebook page
  2. Under the Facebook page cover photo, click on the CTA button
  3. Click on ‘Edit Button’
  4. Choose another CTA button that you want to use
  5. Go through the instructions.
  6. Click on ‘Save’

Facebook Call to Action Buttons Options

Here is a list of Facebook Call to Action buttons that you can set up for your Facebook page:

list of Facebook page call to action buttons

Follow CTA button

If you want to get more followers, choose this Facebook page CTA button

View Gift card

If your website makes a lot of money from selling gift cards, you can use this Facebook page CTA button to drive more people to your gift card page

Start Order Facebook page CTA button

This FB page CTA button is very useful if you are running a restaurant and people can order on your website.

Book Now CTA button

You have to use another booking app to be able to use this Book Now call to action button

Call Now Facebook page button

You can set up a phone number that people can click on and call you up.

Contact us Call to action button

If you want to take users to your contact us page on your website.

Send message Action button

You can take people to Facebook Messenger directly where they can send a message to your Facebook page.

Send WhatsApp message CTA button

If your business is using WhatsApp, you can also set up your FB CTA button to take people to a WhatsApp conversation.

Send Email FB page CTA button

If you prefer email, you can also add the company email address, where people can contact you.

Learn more Call to action FB page button

If you don’t have any specific in mind, the best is just to add the Learn more CTA button and set the home page of your website.

Sign Up Call to action button

If you are building a newsletter, you can use the Sign Up action button to drive people to your newsletter signup form.

Use App CTA button

If you have a mobile app, you can also send people to the place where they can download the app

Play Game CTA button

If you are running a gaming company, you can also use the Play Game call to action button on your Facebook page

Watch Video CTA button

If you are promoting a video, you can also use the Watch Video CTA button and get more people to watch a product or any promotional video.

Shop Now Call to action button

Last but not least, if you have an e-commerce website we would recommend using the Shop New button, so people who are interested in your products can get to your store easily.

Delete Facebook page’s Action button

If you want, you can also delete the Facebook page existing CTA button. All you have to do:

  1. Click on the CTA button
  2. Then from the dropdown, click on ‘Delete button’
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the button.

The button has been deleted, you can set up a new Facebook page CTA button if you want.

Facebook Call To Action Button Missing

If you are using the Facebook mobile app, you might not see the Facebook CTA button on the page, so make sure you use a desktop computer if you want to edit the action button of your FB page.

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