How To Create A Facebook Business Page? [in 2024]

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If you want to promote your business or personal brand on Facebook or simply just to have a platform where people can follow you, the first step is to create a Facebook Business Page, or as Facebook simply calls it, a Facebook Page (previously known as a Facebook fan page.)

In this short guide we are going to tell you everything you have to know about creating and setting up your Facebook Business Page as we are going to cover:

  • how to create a Facebook Business Page step by step?
  • how you can customize your Facebook page even more?
  • what features will you have access to once you create a Facebook page?
  • next steps you should take after you have set up your Facebook Business page

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to create a Facebook business page, check out our video tutorial here:

How to create a Facebook Business page?

There are two ways how you can set up a Facebook, you can do it either from your Facebook Business Manager (see more details at the end of the article) or from youโ€™re your personal Facebook profile.

The process of creating a Facebook Business page starting from your personal profile is actually really easy and straightforward, here are the steps you have to go through:

  1. Open the link or navigate there from your Facebook home page by clicking on pages on the left sidebar.

Pages page from the Facebook NewsFeed

  1. A left sidebar will appear again with all the pages that you manage. Click on Create New Page

Create a Facebook business page

  1. Once again you will have to add information on the left side of the screen, and you will see a live preview of your Facebook page changes as you add more and more information.

Create a Facebook business page

  1. First, you have to add the name of the page. This will be the one that people will see so make sure you choose an easy to remember name. (Of course, this is a required field you have to add.)
  2. Then you are also required to add a category of the new Facebook page. A category has to describe what type of business, organization or topic the Facebook Page represents, and you can add up to 3 categories.

You can only add a category that is predefined by Facebook. As you start typing, you will see what kind of categories has Facebook defined.

  1. Next, add a description of your Page. This is a not required field, and you have a 255 character limit you have to fit in. Once you are done with that, click on Create Page.
  2. As a next step, you can upload the Profile Picture and the Cover Photo of your Facebook page. If you donโ€™t have the picture ready, you can skip this step and add them later.

The recommended image site is 170*170 for the profile picture and 1640*856 for the Cover photo of your Facebook page.

  1. Once you uploaded the pictures, click on Save.

Congrats, your Facebook Business Page is created, now you still have many options to customize your new Facebook Business Page.

You also have the option to create a new Facebook post right after your page is created and explain in the post that you created a new Facebook page, you will share news, information, etc. about your business. Then share that post with your personal profile and ask your Facebook friends to like your page. This is the easiest way to get some new followers.

Create posts on a new Facebook page

You can also directly invite your Friends to like your Facebook page from your Facebook page, by clicking on the Invite Button, next to your Facebook friends.

Invite Facebook Friends to like your Facebook page

Setup option after you have created the Facebook business page

As you can clearly see, once your Facebook page has been created there are still many ways to customize your Facebook page. Here we will just mention the most important ones.

If you havenโ€™t added a Facebook profile page and cover photo yet, you can add it now.

Edit Facebook Page About section

Scroll down a little bit and there is an About section on the left, where you can

  • add the Location of your Business, if it is relevant
  • add the website of your business
  • add a phone number and an e-mail address
  • Edit your Business hours if it is relevant
  • You can also change the description and the categories you have added when you first set up your Facebook page.

Edit Facebook Business Page information

Create a username for your new Facebook Business page

You can also create a unique user name for your Business page, so it is easier for people to find you in Facebook search

Create Facebook page username

By adding a unique username to your Facebook page, you can use the short link to link your Facebook page easily and theย link that will open up the Facebook messenger and people will be able to message your Facebook page directly.

Create a button for your Facebook page

You also have the opportunity to customize the call to action of your Facebook page that can be found on the top of your Facebook page under the Cover photo:

Edit Facebook page button

You have currently 14 buttons to choose from. Make sure to choose one that is the most relevant for your business:

  • View Gift Card
  • Order Food
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send Message
  • Sen WhatsApp Message
  • Send Email
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Watch Video
  • Shop Now

You can change your Button whenever you want by clicking on your current Button and then clicking on โ€˜Edit Buttonโ€™.

There are many more customizations options for your Facebook page, make sure you go through your Facebook page and add as many information as you can. You only need to do it once and then it can help any user who happened to check out your Facebook page.

Why should you create a Facebook Business page?

Setting up a Facebook business account is essential for multiple reasons, here we just quickly mention the most important ones:

  • Keep your fans/customers updated by posting to your Facebook page. Many people use Facebook as their only way to learn about new information, they donโ€™t check other websites regularly
  • You can offer customer service to your customers. Again, a lot of people donโ€™t use the official contact forms on the websites, they contact the business directly on Facebook instead.
  • To advertise your products or services. You need to have a Facebook page where you can run your Facebook ads. You canโ€™t runย  Facebook adsย  from your personal page
  • Promote Facebook events, sell on FB marketplace, create Facebook shops, and many more.

Next steps after setting a Facebook Business page

If you are thinking about advertising on Facebook, and you want to do it professionally then the next steps after setting up your Facebook Business page should be the following.

You can run advertising from your Facebook page without a Business Manager or a Facebook Pixel on your website but it is not worth it, as then you are missing out on plenty of things that make Facebook ads so powerful and the ROAS of your FB advertising campaigns will be definitely lower.

How to claim a Facebook Business Page on Facebook?

If you have created a Facebook page, and have your Facebook Business Manager, you can also claim or add the Facebook page to your Facebook Business Manager, so you can also assign roles and manage your Facebook business pages from the Business Manager. Here are the steps to add your Facebook Business Page from Facebook BM:

  • Go to the Business Settings page of your Business Manager by navigating from the menu or clicking on this link
  • On the left side of the screen under the Account section click on Pages
  • Then click on the blue โ€˜Addโ€™ button. (You have to be an admin to be able to add or request access to Pages)
  • You have three options to choose from, you can โ€˜Add a pageโ€™ if it is your Page, โ€˜Request Access โ€˜to it if it is owned by another business, or โ€˜Create a New Pageโ€™ if you havenโ€™t created it yet

Add or Request Access to a Facebook page from Facebook Business Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions โ€“ Create Facebook Business Page

How to make a Facebook Business Page?

You can make a Facebook Business Page either from your Pages page as a regular user, or if you have a Facebook Business Manager you can also create a new one from the Business Settings sections.

Can you create a Facebook business page without a personal profile?

You used to be able to have this option but not anymore. So if you read this on another blog, those are blog posts that were written a long ago. It used to be possible to create a Facebook Business Page without a profile but Facebook disabled this option.

How many Facebook pages can you create?

There is no limit on the number of Facebook Business pages you can create so donโ€™t worry about this if you happen to have a Facebook agency that specializes in creating and managing Facebook pages.

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