Facebook Group Badges List + Tutorial [2022]

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One of the best ways to grow engagement in a Facebook group is to use Facebook Group Badges features.

In this Facebook group tutorial, we are going to share everything you have to know about this group feature, such as:

  • What are Facebook Group Badges?
  • List of Facebook Group Badges and what they mean?
  • How to enable Facebook Group Badges?
  • How to disable Facebook Group Badges?

If you want to watch a quick video tutorial on Facebook Group Badges instead, check out this one:

What are Facebook Group badges?

Facebook Group badges are icons that show up next to the name of Facebook group members. They help you to learn more about group members and recognize group members who are actively engaging and contributing to the Facebook groups.

Facebook Group Badges and Icons

As a Facebook group admin, you can choose to enable the Facebook group badges and also disable certain Facebook group badges if you wish to do so. These Facebook group icons show up based on certain conditions defined by Facebook.

List of all Facebook Group badges and icons

There are multiple Facebook group badges that can be shown for Facebook group members.

Here is a full list of all available Facebook group badges:

Facebook Group Admin badge

If you are the Facebook group admin, this badge will appear next to your name, showing that you are the boos of the Facebook group.

Facebook group admin badge

Facebook group Moderator badge

If you are moderating the Facebook group, this blue group badge will appear next to your name.

Facebook group moderator badge

Facebook group New Member badge

For new Facebook group members, the “New Member” badge will appear next to their name for two weeks.

Facebook Group New member badge

After the 2-week period ends, the badge should disappear automatically.

Rising Star Facebook group badge

If someone is a new Member and also made engaging Facebook group posts, she will get the ‘Rising Star’ badge instead of the New Member FB group badge.

Facebook Group Rising Star Badge

This group badge can show up for at least a month before disappearing.

Visual Storyteller Facebook badge

If you post videos and pictures frequently in the Facebook group, you might receive the Visual Storyteller Facebook group badge.

Facebook Group Visual Storyteller badge

This will show up for 1 month.

Conversation Starter Facebook group badge

If a group member creates Facebook group posts frequently, he is very likely to receive the Conversation Start group badge.

Facebook group conversation starter badge

It can shop up also for 1 month.

Valued Responder Facebook group badge

If you respond to other group members’ posts and your Facebook group comments get positive engagement, you have a good chance that you will receive the Valued Responder Facebook badge.

facebook group valued responder badge

Group Ambassador Facebook group badge

If you shared the Facebook group link or invited other members to the Facebook group, you can receive the Facebook group ambassador badge.

Facebook group ambassador badge

This Facebook badge is usually more difficult to receive.

Facebook Group Expert Badge

This is the new Facebook Group badge that can be assigned by the Facebook group admin only. You can learn more about it in this video as well:

How to turn on a Facebook group badge?

By default, Facebook turns these Facebook group badges on, but it will start displaying them when the number of group members exceeds 50.

You can check which Facebook badges are turned on and turn on disabled ones like so:

  1. Open the Facebook group.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left column
  3. Search for the ‘Badges’ section and click on the pencil iconturn on Facebook group badges
  4. Turn on the group badges you want to be enabled
  5. Click on the ‘Save’ button

Obviously, you have to be a Facebook group admin to be able to check these and turn any of the group badges on.

How to turn off Facebook group badges?

If you don’t like certain Facebook group badges, you can easily turn them off as well:

  1. Open the Facebook group
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left column
  3. Search for the ‘Badges’ section and click on the pencil icon
  4. Turn off group badges you want to be enabled
  5. Click on ‘Save’

Facebook members can also turn these Facebook group badges off for themselves.

Can’t see Facebook group badges

Keep in mind that Facebook group badges will show up for group members only if the Facebook group has more than 50 group members.

You will also not see Facebook badges in groups if the Facebook group admin has turned if off in the Facebook group.

There are also some badges that you will naturally lose after a certain period of time. For instance, obviously if you have received a ‘New member’ Facebook badge, it will disappear after around 2 weeks after you have joined the Facebook group.

Last but not least, as we have mentioned you can also turn off Facebook badges for yourself.

Should you enable or disable the Facebook group badges?

It doesn’t really make sense to disable these fun Facebook group badges.

Worst case scenario, it doesn’t have any effect on the group engagement.

But sometimes, it can help boost the group engagement, as some members will get extra motivation to be active members of the Facebook group.

So we would definitely enable the Facebook group badges in any Facebook group.

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