Facebook Top Fan Badges Explained in 2021

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Top Fan Badge is a great feature on Facebook pages that lets you identify your most engaged Facebook page followers and fans and also encourages these fans to engage even more with your Facebook page.

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to explain the most important thing you as a Facebook marketer or just a regular Facebook user has to know about the Top Fan badge.

What is Top Fan Badge on Facebook?

A Top Fan Badge is a badge that appears next to your profile icon that you can get if you are really active on a particular Facebook page.  Facebook gives out these top fan badges based on the interaction on the specific Facebook page.

Here are the main interactions that the Facebook algorithm takes into account when identifying top fans for a Facebook page:

  • watching a page’s Videos
  • liking the posts of the FB page
  • commenting on the posts of the page
  • sharing the posts of the Facebook page

When you become eligible to be a top fan on a Facebook page, Facebook will notify you and the Top Fan Badge will only be visible on the Facebook page next to your name if you click on Display Top Fan Badge.

Managing Top Fan Badge for your Facebook page

If you are running a Facebook page it is generally a good idea to enable Facebook’s Top Fan Badge as it might increase the engagement of your Facebook page fans and followers.

Enable Top Fan Badge for your Facebook page

Here is how to check the status of this feature and how you can enable it Top Fan Bade wouldn’t work for your page right now:

  1. Open up the Facebook page where you want to enable the Top Fan Badge
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left columnFacebook Page Settings
  3. On the left again, click on Facebook BadgesFacebook Badges Settings - Top Fan Facebook Badge
  4. Here you will see the status of your Top Fan Badgeturn on Facebook Top Fan Badge
  5. If it is currently turned off, here you will be able to turn it back on.

Remove a Facebook Top Fan Badge

Currently, you can only remove Top Fan Badges if you are using the Facebook Mobile app.

To remove a badge from a top fan, tap the fan’s comment on your Page’s content and then select Remove Badge or tap their name on the top fan list on your Page’s Community tab.

Can’t see Facebook Badges in Facebook Settings

If your Facebook page is quite new, you won’t be able to access this Facebook page feature. Once there is a sufficient amount of engagement on your FB posts, you will be able to access the Facebook Top Fan Badges page as well.

Facebook Top Fan Badge gone or not showing up

Facebook usually updates the top Fan statistics once a week, so it is possible that you get out of the list of most engaged users of a Facebook page and lose the Facebook Top Fan Badge. Facebook page admins can also remove Top Fan Bande from your profile, this can be another reason why your Facebook Top Fan Badge might not show up anymore.

Prefer a video tutorial on the Top Fan Badge? Check out this one:

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