How To Find The Email Of A YouTube Channel? [in 2024]

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A great way to message a YouTube channel is to find the email address of the YouTube Channel.

In this YouTube tutorial, we are going to show you how to find the email address of a YouTube channel and everything else that is related to it.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to find YouTube channel email, check out this tutorial:

How To Find The Email Of A YouTube Channel?

Here is how to find the email address of a YouTube channel:

  1. Open the YouTube channel you want to message
  2. Click on the ‘About’ tab.
  3. Under the ‘Details’ section Click on ‘View Email Address’view email address of YouTUbe channel
  4. Here you will see the email of the YouTube channel,

Once you have found the email address, you can message the YouTube channel/YouTuber by dropping them an email.

Looking up the email of a YouTube channel is the easy part, you will struggle more with getting an answer from the YouTuber, especially if he already has a huge following.

To stay out of the spam box and get a reply to your email from the YouTuber, check out our YouTube email outreach tips at the end of this tutorial

Can’t find email of a YouTube Channel

If you can’t find the email address of the person on the YouTube channel it is most likely because they have hidden the YouTube business email address from their channel page.

In this case, you either have to message them via social media or you have to find another way to find their email address.

One of your options then is to use an email finder service like, where you can find millions of email addresses.

Other ways to find the email address of a YouTuber?

Here are some other ways you can try to find the real email address of the person:

  • Try to find the social media accounts of the YouTuber, some of social platform will display an email address of the account owner
  • Go to their website if they have one and try to find the email address there. You can use an email finder tool for that like

How to Email a YouTuber channel to get a reply?

Once you have found the email address, you want to maximize your chance of getting a reply to your YouTuber outreach email.

Here are some tips for a successful YouTuber outreach email:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Give value first before asking for someone
  • If you want to collaborate, make it a win-in
  • Keep it the outreach email short
  • Don’t put any link to the email, if it is not necessary, so you minimize the chance of getting into the spam box.

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