How To Message Someone On YouTube? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Do you want to message someone on YouTube to start building YouTube relationships?

In this YouTube tutorial, I am going to show you how three ways how to message people on YouTube.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to message someone one YouTube, check out this video:

How To Message Someone on YouTube?

Currently, there are three ways to message people on YouTube:

  1. Find their email address and send email messages to the YouTuber
  2. Find their social media accounts and message the YouTuber there
  3. Comment under their video and ask for contact info there.

How to Message a YouTuber via their email address?

To message a YouTube channel via email, first, you have to find the email address of the YouTube

Here is how to message a YouTuber via email:

  1. Open the YouTube channel you want to message
  2. Click on the ‘About’ tab.
  3. Under the ‘Details’ section Click on ‘View Email Address’view email address of YouTUbe channel
  4. Here you will see the email of the YouTube channel, copy it
  5. Paste it into your email client and send your private message to the YouTuber there.

To get more details on how to find the email address of YouTube channels, check out this tutorial:

How To message a YouTuber via their social media account?

If you can’t find the Email Address or you don’t get a response from the YouTuber via email, the second option is to try the message the YouTube channel via their social account.

In this case, you have three easy ways to find them on social and message the YouTuber there:

  1. search for their YouTube channel name on the social media platforms you are active on
  2. some creators will also include their social media profiles on the YouTube channel page
  3. last but not least, YouTubers will also add their social media accounts on their video description as well.

Another hack to privately message a YouTube channel

If they don’t have any social accounts linked to their YouTube channel and you also couldn’t contact the YouTuber via email, there a third option you can try.

This hack is actually not that complicated. Most YouTube creators will read the comment section, especially under the new videos.

So, all you have to do is grab their attention in the comment section with an insightful or funny YouTube comment and then ask for contact info there or let them know, that you sent them an email on that specific date, or DM-ed the Youtuber on Instagram/Facebook and want him or her to reply you back.

Can’t send messages on YouTube

As you can see, YouTube has removed the feature to privately message YouTube channels, so you can’t message people directly on YouTube.

If you want to contact someone on YouTube, you have to either:

  • send the YouTuber an email via their business email
  • message them via any of their social accounts.
  • get their attention in the comment section and try to ask for an email there.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to message YouTubers?

Did YouTube remove messaging feature?

Yes, you used to be able to private message and DM people on YouTube, but Google has discontinued this feature.

Can you DM people on YouTube?

Unfortunately, currently, you can’t DM people on YouTube, however there are multiple ways to message a YouTuber or a YouTube channel by following the methods we have shown in this tutorial.

How to private message people on YouTube?

You can’t directly message people on YouTube, so you have to use the three messaging methods we have introduced in this article.

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