How To Find Most Liked Facebook Page Posts? [in 2021]

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One of the best ways to grow a Facebook page is to share posts that turned out to be the most engaging. That’s why it makes sense to analyze the most liked Facebook posts on your Facebook page.

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to show you how to find the most liked posts on your Facebook page. We are also going to share how you can learn more about good topic content and how to find and learn from the most liked Facebook posts on Facebook.

Pay attention to your top performing Facebook page posts

Before we would show you how to check the performance of your top Facebook page posts, we just want to clarify why it is important to know which are your top-performing posts.

The Facebook algorithm nowadays doesn’t really push the general organic Facebook page posts in the news feed, it rather prefers Facebook ads posts, Facebook group posts, or posts of your Facebook friend.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get great organic reach by just posting a Facebook post on your page without paying for Facebook ads.

Although it is not that easy as it used to be in 2010. If you still want to get great organic reach, you have to analyze the page posts that got the most likes, engagement, comments and shares.

If you see a post that significantly outperformed other posts in terms of likes, shares and comments, then you just have to replicate what made that Facebook post successful.

Find Most Liked Facebook posts on your page

To find the most liked Facebook posts on a Facebook page.

  1. Open up Facebook
  2. Click on ‘Publishing Tools in the left columnFacebook Publishing Tool from Facebook page
  3. Click on ‘Creator Studio’ on the left again.creator studio link from Facebook Publishing Tools
  4. Now, you are in Creator studio. Click on ‘Published’ on the left.
  5. You can see performance data of all your Facebook page posts
  6. Click on Export data in the top right cornersexport Facebook page posts data from creator studio
  7. Apply the filters we have on the screenshot.export most liked Facebook posts on a page
  8. You can then use MS Excel or any spreadsheet tool to arrange the posts by likes to get the most liked Facebook page posts from a page.

You can also check these statistics in Facebook page insights page but we prefer the creator studio as it can be easily exported into excel as well.

Find most engaged, commented, shared, highest reach Facebook posts

Likes are important, but sometimes general engagement, comments, shares and reach are way more important.

Fortunately, you can also find out from the exported excel, which page performed the best on these metrics.

Top Facebook posts of competitors

One more thing you can do is to go through your competitor’s page and check all the Facebook page posts that they have shared recently.

And using a manual approach, you can check which of their posts have performed outstandingly well and see if you can use that specific content angle in your Facebook content marketing as well.

Most popular Facebook posts on Facebook

The last thing we can do is to learn from the most successful Facebook page posts.

Facebook is quite transparent in this regard, so you can read a detailed report on which were the most liked, shared and viewed posts on Facebook in 2021.

You can check out the report here .

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