How To Grow A Facebook Group With Facebook Ads?

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you think that your Facebook group is not growing fast enough, there is a way how you can make it quicker: grow the Facebook group with Facebook ads.

This is not as straightforward as it sounds, since you are not allowed to link a Facebook group URL as the landing page of your Facebook ad. However, there are some workarounds you can use to still run Facebook ads to grow a Facebook group. We are going to show three of these Facebook ads strategies that should work.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this Facebook group growth tutorial.

Can you run Facebook ads to Facebook groups?

No, you can’t run Facebook ads directly to Facebook groups, but you can still run Facebook ads and get people to join your Facebook group.

There are three workaround ad campaigns that are usually quite effective:

  • Facebook like campaign
  • Facebook traffic campaign
  • Facebook lead ad campaign

We are going to show all three of these Facebook ad campaigns and how they can be used to get people to join your Facebook group.

How to promote a Facebook group with Facebook like campaign?

So one of the workaround solutions is to run a Facebook like ad campaign.

A Facebook like campaign is usually not the most recommended Facebook ad campaign type, as there are other ways to get followers to your Facebook page and those don’t cost you any money.

Facebook page like campaign to grow a Facebook group with Facebook ads

If you want to learn how you can run a like campaign, click here.

  • How to run a Facebook like ad campaign? (to be published)

However, the great thing about the like campaigns is that once someone likes the Facebook page, you can also invite them to join the Facebook group. And this is absolutely free.

So this is how you can run a Facebook like ad campaign and grow your Facebook group as well with Facebook ads. When someone has just liked your Facebook page, it is very likely that she will accept your invitation to join the group.

Here is a tutorial on how to invite Facebook page followers to join a Facebook group:

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to grow a Facebook group with Facebook ads, check out this one:

Create a Facebook lead ad campaign to grow your Facebook group

The second way to grow a Facebook group with Facebook ads is to run a Facebook ad campaign with a lead objective.

Facebook lead generation campaign

This ad campaign type will come with a native Facebook lead-form that you can also leverage. So there are two ways to grow a Facebook group with Facebook lead ads.

First, you can get the email address of the user and then not only send him the lead magnet, but also encourage them in the email to join your Facebook group for additional freebies, useful resources.

Secondly, you can also add a link to the Facebook group at the end of the lead form and encourage people to join your Facebook group as well.

Grow a Facebook group with Facebook traffic ads

Last but not least, you can get people to join your Facebook group by running traffic Facebook ads.

Facebook traffic campaign

It is also relatively straightforward. So all you have to do is create a landing page, where you want to add CTA buttons that take the user to your Facebook group.

So the whole landing page copy can be about why your Facebook group is awesome and you can add multiple CTA buttons to the landing page that would take the visitor to the Facebook group.

You can increase the conversion rate of this campaign if you add a lead magnet to your Facebook group. Then you can promote this lead magnet in the landing page. So people will more likely to click through the link and join your Facebook group.

One more thing that is worth mentioning: you won’t be able to create a standard Facebook conversion event to this type of campaign, but you can create a Facebook Custom Event to the outbound click that takes the user to the Facebook group page.

Then you can make a Facebook Custom Conversion out of this, and use that to not only run traffic campaigns but also run a conversion campaign to this landing page so it is easier for the Facebook algorithm to optimize your campaign.

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