How To Grow A Facebook Group Fast & Easy? (Top 10 Tactics) In 2021

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A Facebook group is currently the best platform to promote your business or brand on Facebook. The best way to grow your Facebook organic reach is to grow your Facebook group fast.

In this Facebook group growth guide, we are going to share with you the top ten things you can do to grow a Facebook group in 2021.

If you want to get our Facebook group growth checklist with more tips you can ask for a download for free here: Facebook Group Growth Checklist

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Three necessary components for increasing Facebook group membership

Before we would share with you the actual growth tactics, let us underline the main components that are necessary if you want to grow the number of members in a Facebook group:

These are three necessary elements to grow a Facebook group:

  1. Have the right group setup
  2. Use the right promotion strategies
  3. Increase the engagement of the group

We are going to share some growth tactics related to each of these Facebook group growth elements in the remaining section of this guide.

Have the right setup for Facebook group growth

So before we would think about Facebook group promotion tactics and strategies it is of the utmost importance that we have set up our Facebook group for growth

We have three main pieces of advice when it comes to the Facebook group setup that will help our Facebook group grow faster:

  1. choose a brandable and search optimized Facebook group name
  2. select the right privacy type and Facebook group type
  3. Make the Facebook group spam and promotion-free.

1.      Choose a brandable and search optimized Facebook group name

So the first thing you should do is to choose a brandable or search optimized Facebook group name.

And the more important part of this is to have a search-optimized Facebook group name.

You might be surprised how many people use Facebook as a search engine as well. The user experience in a Facebook group is usually positive, so people actually search for Facebook groups they can join and interact with other like-minded people.

If you add the main search keyword into the name of your Facebook group, people are more likely to find your group in Facebook search and then they are more likely to join.

A search optimized Facebook group name can also help you to increase the join rate when Facebook recommends your Facebook group to potential members.

If you include the main keyword in the Facebook group name, people are more likely to check out the group than a group with a random name that doesn’t say anything to them.

So to sum up, choose or change your Facebook group name to a nme that both has a branded element (the name of your business or your name) but also includes the main keyword that is the niche or the subniche of your Facebook group.

If you have already created a group and you think that your name is either not branded or optimized for search, don’t worry, you can change the Facebook group name.

Here are some further Facebook group tutorials that will help you in this Facebook group name rebrand:

2.      Select the right privacy and group type for the group

Besides choosing the right name for your Facebook group, selecting the right privacy type and group type for your Facebook group is also essential.

First, you probably know the difference between a public group vs a private group. When it comes to group privacy and growing a Facebook group there is no such thing as the better group privacy type for Facebook group growth.

Whether you need to create an open, public, or a closed, private Facebook group will depend mostly on the niche or the industry of your Facebook group topic.

private vs public Facebook groups

Generally, if it is a niche that is generally interesting for the majority of the people (gardening) then it is better to leave the group public initially. If it is a more business related group, like online marketing, we would start with a private group from scratch.

Similarly, there isn’t such thing as a best Facebook group type for membership growth. However, depending on your niche, there are certain group type features that can help you grow the Facebook group faster by making it more valuable or usable.

To give you an example, if you have an online marketing group, then making it a Social learning Facebook group is a great way to create free mini-courses inside the group that will increase the overall value and the engagement in the group.

If you want to learn more about Facebook group types, check out these tutorials:

3.      Moderate the Facebook group actively

Last but not least, the quality of the Facebook group will also help or limit the growth rate of the Facebook group.

And the quality of Facebook is heavily influenced by how well your Facebook group is moderated.

Even if people are joining the group left and right, but they see that the group is full of spam and promotion they might immediately leave the group that also sends a negative signal to the Facebook group recommendation algorithm which

So, there are multiple things you can do to moderate a Facebook group:

  • create Facebook group rules so people can do what they can and can’t do in the group
  • moderate the Facebook group yourself
  • ask active members to become moderators in the group
  • automate some elements of the moderation work with Admin Assist.

Summing up

Just having the right Facebook group setup won’t skyrocket us to 10k group members, however, having a wrong setup can definitely hold back the growth of the Facebook group.

So make sure you go over these three points and identify areas for improvement and implement these immediately.

Grow a Facebook group with active promotion

Once you have set up your Facebook group the correct way, you can start promoting it.

First, we are going to share some active promotion tactics that work tremendously well, and then we are going to share is the best way to grow a Facebook group organically without much effort.

  • the best hack to convince people to join your Facebook group
  • how to use paid ads to grow a Facebook group
  • how to grow a Facebook group organically

4.      Best growth hack to get people to join a Facebook group

There are some low-hanging fruits that are almost always available for everyone to start increasing the group membership. You can get the list of these group growth tips in our Facebook group growth checklist.

But what if you implemented these growth tactics but your group is still small and you don’t see any growth? Then you must implement the following growth hack to a Facebook group.

You simply have to create something valuable that you only give to people if they join the Facebook group. This can be a checklist, a template, an e-book, anything that people would find valuable to join the Facebook group.

This group growth hack should increase the group join rate tremendously and you don’t have to create something totally new. You can give away stuff, you already give away on your website.

What’s more, you can also use this to ask for the email address of new Facebook group members, so you can send them the free stuff you give away when they join the group. If you get their email address, you can put them into an email funnel that sells them a paid offer or service.

Even if they leave the group later, you have their email address that you can use to keep in touch with them.

5.      Paid ads to grow a Facebook group

Once you implement the Facebook group growth hack we just have explained, your Facebook group should start growing.

But what if you are not satisfied with the growth rate of Facebook? If you have the budget, you can scale the Facebook group growth by running Facebook ads.

However, you might know that you can’t directly send people from the ad to the Facebook group, but there are some workarounds that you can use to still be able to run ads for your Facebook group.

You have basically three options to run a Facebook ad and drive people to your Facebook group. You can run a traffic campaign, a like campaign or a Facebook lead ad to get people to join your Facebook group.

In all of these cases, you get some other benefits out fo the Facebook ads, such as followers for your Facebook page, new leads or traffic to your website.

If you are interested in more details and step by step instructions on how to run these Facebook group ads on Facebook, check out this tutorial:

  • How to run Facebook ads for your Facebook group?

If you are interested in more ways to promote a Facebook group, check out this tutorial:

  • How to promote a Facebook group?

6.      Grow a Facebook group organically

These active Facebook group promotion methods we have described above can work very effectively to jumpstart the growth of your Facebook group. By running Facebook ads you can make the growth rate even faster, but it is costly and won’t be effective after a certain period of time.

So if you want to grow a Facebook group without much effort, then you have to find out how you can grow the Facebook group organically without paying for ads.

When it comes to organic growth, besides making the Facebook group search optimized (see the beginning of this tutorial), the biggest factor in the organic growth is the group recommendation algorithm of Facebook.

So if you manage to “convince” this algorithm that your Facebook group is worthy for the recommendation, then you will be able to tap into the best source of Facebook group growth.

The question is then how we can get the Facebook group algorithm to recommend our group to Facebook users. It is actually quite easy.

The most important factor when it comes to Facebook group recommendations is the engagement rate of your Facebook group.

If you have a good engagement rate in your Facebook group, then that’s the most positive signal for the algorithm.

The high engagement rate shows to the algorithm that the experience in your Facebook group is positive and people spend time engaging in your group, so it makes sense to recommend your Facebook group to Facebook users similar to the existing members of your Facebook group.

For this reason, in the last section of the Facebook group growth guide, we are going to share three tactics that will help you increase the engagement rate in your Facebook group.

Increase the engagement in the Facebook group

All right, so how can you increase the engagement of a Facebook group? Here are the top three ways that should work in every Facebook group regardless of the niche and the Facebook group type you are using.

  • be an active member yourself in the Facebook group
  • Experiment with various content formats
  • Encourage others to post valuable content

7.      Be an active group member yourself

If your Facebook group is relatively small and there is little engagement, then the best way to grow a Facebook group is to be an active member yourself.

So you should do two things primarily:

  • post valuable and engaging content
  • comment on all Facebook group posts

So the first one is to have at least one, but preferably two to three posts a day that are value bombs. In the next subsection, we will share some ideas on how to create engaging posts but the important thing is to have at least but, but preferably three posts per day.

You can also schedule these posts in the Facebook group, here is a tutorial on how to do that:

The second thing you have to do is to comment on every Facebook group post. This is especially important for posts that were not shared by you.

When people see that they always get an answer to even stupid questions or get a nice compliment to a boring story then they are more likely to ask that stupid question or share their relevant story as well.

And this will end up growing your engagement rate which will help you grow the Facebook group organically.

8.      Experiment with Facebook group content formats

Text posts can work great in a Facebook group, where members like to read longer stories, tutorials or advice-type posts.

In some other niches, visual content is king, so you have to always add images or videos to the Facebook group post.

There are other Facebook group content formats you can experiment with:

  • Facebook group polls
  • Facebook lives in Facebook groups
  • Facebook group events
  • Facebook group get together
  • Facebook gif posts
  • Facebook prompts
  • Facebook Q&As

In most cases, you can’t find out what will work without trying it out, so try all of these content formats, and double down on what works the best in terms of engagement.

If some of these content formats get huge reach it will encourage regular members as well to share similar Facebook group posts.

9.      Encourage others to participate

Last but not least, the best way to create a Facebook group that is growing itself and almost hands-off for you is if you have members who are sharing valuable posts and share controversial stuff where hot discussions are going on.

You have also some features that you can use to encourage people to share their stories, thoughts, advice, etc:

Bonus Facebook group Growth Tactic

Here is one bonus method that will help you increase the engagement rate in your Facebook group:

10.  Add memes or funny gifs to your Facebook group posts

Whether you share a valuable story or tutorial on a post or promote a product/service you sell, if you manage to add a relevant and funny meme to the Facebook post, the reach of your Facebook post and the engagement rate will increase.

There are websites where you can find funny memes in your niche, you can also search for them in subreddits related to your Facebook group.

If you have no idea, adding a funny gif with no context whatsoever will most likely help. You can use giphy or similar gif databases.

If you want to see this Facebook group growth hack in action, make sure to join the SEO Signal Lab, the biggest SEO Facebook group run by Steven Kang, who has mastered this tactic to create high-reach posts.

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