How to find the Facebook Pixel ID (4 ways) & how to get it? [in 2022]

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Once you created a Facebook Pixel for your page, you will also get a unique Pixel ID that is only associated with your Facebook Pixel. But when later you need the ID, a lot of people have no idea how to find the Facebook Pixel ID.

In this quick Facebook Pixel guide, we are going to show and explain to you:

  • How to find the Facebook Pixel ID? (four main ways)
  • What is the Facebook Pixel ID?
  • How to get a new Facebook Pixel ID?

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to find the Facebook Pixel ID,  check out this one:

Please keep in mind that the new name of the Facebook Pixel is Meta Pixel, so officially the name of the Facebook Pixel ID is Meta Pixel ID. However, the name Facebook Pixel ID is still more popular among Facebook advertisers, so we still use this term more often in the article.

How to find the Facebook Pixel ID?

Let’s say, you haven’t created the Meta Pixel base code yet, so you have no idea how to find your Meta Pixel ID (Facebook Pixel ID). We will show two methods that work in every scenario regardless of the Pixel installation method you used and show you two ways that will only work when you used a specific Facebook Pixel installation method.

How to find the Facebook Pixel ID in Facebiij Business Manager?

The standard way of finding your Facebook Pixel ID is to look it up in your Facebook Business Manager. Here is how you can do that step by step:

  1. Open the Business Manager property where your website in connected
  2. Go to Events Manager by clicking on Events Manager on the left side or by following this link.

Facebook Pixel_ Click on Events Manager

  1. You will be able to see all your Data Sources connected to your account right away in your Events Manager on the left side of your screen

Facebook Pixel ID In Facebook Business Manager

  1. As you can see in this picture, we have two Facebook Pixels connected to this account with two different Facebook Pixel IDs.  The Meta Pixel ID can be seen under the name of the Pixel. The first Facebook Pixel from the top has the ID: 1082002698948479  In this case, we could click on each Pixel and get to the Pixel Overview tab and see which of these are active and firing Facebook Pixel events on our website.

How to find your Facebook Pixel ID with Facebook Pixel Helper?

If you already installed the Pixel code on your website and you can’t access the Facebook Business Manager or you have multiple Facebook Pixel installations and you can’t find out which is the right and active one, the next best option you have it to use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension.

The Facebook Pixel Helper (Meta Pixel Helper is a free extension that you can easily install on your Chrome browser and then see on all websites that installed the Facebook Pixel, regardless of whether you have any connection to that website.

Once you installed the chrome extension, all you have to do is go to any page of the website where you want to find out the Pixel ID and then just click on the Pixel Helper Chrome extension icon and you will see something similar to this:

Facebook Pixel Helper - FB Pixel ID

If you don’t see the Pixel icon turn blue and a green number it means that the Facebook Pixel hasn’t been installed or it is installed in a wrong way that’s why you can’t see the Facebook Pixel ID.

If the Pixel is installed on the website, then you will be able to click on the Pixel ID and it will be automatically copied.

If you want to learn more about how you can take advantage of Facebook Pixel Helper besides helping you find the FB Pixel ID of your website, be sure to check out our guide on Facebook Pixel Helper.

How to find your Facebook Pixel ID with Google Tag Manager

You can also find out your Facebook Pixel ID in Google Tag Manager. Of course, this method will only work when your Facebook Pixel was installed on your website with the Google Tag Manager. Otherwise, you won’t find anything in your GTM.

To find your Facebook Pixel ID, all you have to is sign in to your Google Tag Manager Account.

Under the Tags section search for a Facebook PageView Tag, as that Standard Event must be published if you implemented Facebook Pixel via GTM. Click on it. If you used the Custom HTML tag method, you will see the Pixel base code. In this case, you will see the Facebook Pixel ID, in the line that starts like this: ‘fbq(‘init’, and your Pixel ID is here).

Facebook Pixel ID in Custom HTML Tag

If you used Simo Ahava’s Custom Facebook Pixel Template to implement Facebook Pixel tracking, it will show up be in the first field of the Tag, clearly indicating that it is your Facebook Pixel ID:

how to find the Facebook Pixel ID in Google Tag Manager - Pixel Custom Template

Find out your Pixel ID from your website source code

A fourth way that you can find the Facebook (Meta) Pixel ID of your website is to check it in the source code of your website.

Similar to the GTM method, this way of finding for the Pixel ID will only work when the Facebook Pixel was installed in a particular way in this case when it was installed manually on your website.

If it has been manually installed, it means that you can easily find it with the following technique:

  1. Go to the home page of your website.
  2. Press ctrl+U or to open the source code of your website . Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to know any coding to find the Pixel ID
  3. Search for the word “init” by pressing CTRL+F, If you found the Pixel base code, the line that is highlighted should have your Facebook Pixel ID after the init part.

What is the Facebook Pixel ID?

The Facebook Pixel ID (officially know called Meta Pixel ID) is a unique ID of each Facebook Pixel that makes sure that Facebook sends your website data back to the right Pixel.

The Facebook Pixel is a javascript tracking code snippets that logs and tracks website visitors on your website and if properly customized can also track not just simple page views, but user actions like add to carts, leads, purchases, etc.

How does the Facebook Pixel ID look like?

The Facebook Pixel is a simple 16-digit number that doesn’t contain any letters. It looks something like this:


How to get a new Pixel ID?

If you don’t find any Facebook Pixel ID with any of the methods we have described above it means that you haven’t created it yet. To get a new Facebook Pixel ID, follow this process:

  1. Navigate to the the Events Manager in your Facebook Business Manager or click on this link
  2. Click on Connect Data Sources

Facebook Pixel Connect Data Sources

  1. Out of the three data source types, select Web and click on Get Started

Facebook Pixel Connect a New Data Source

  1. Next, select Facebook Pixel on the right and click on Connect

Facebook Pixel Select a Connection Method

  1. In the next window add a name of the Facebook Pixel and click Continue

Name your Facebook Pixel

  1. The new Facebook Pixel has been created, you can no go on now and install the Facebook Pixel on your website.

If you want to have a look at the Pixel, in the next window you can choose manually add pixel code to website, so you can copy the base code of your website.

Facebook Pixel Manual method

If you are interested in more details, you can also check out our article that goes in-depth about creating the Facebook Pixel.

If you prefer watching a video on how to find the Facebook Pixel ID, check out this one:

Multiple Facebook Pixel IDs

It is possible to add more than Facebook Pixel codes to one website, as you might have experienced that if you use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension.

Some sites have two Facebook Pixels so they can use one for testing purposes, others use two because they also have a separate Meta Pixel for their checkout software.

It is really easy to see if you have more than one Facebook Pixel installed, just add the Pixel Helper Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, then open your website, and click on the Pixel Helper. It will show you all the Meta Pixel it can detect on your website.

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