How To Link Google AdSense With Google Analytics? [in 2022]

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If you want to get more insights on how you can increase your Google AdSense revenue then you should link your AdSense account with Google Analytics.

In this Google AdSense tutorial, we are going to show you how to link Google AdSense and Google Analytics, why it is important and everything else that is related to this.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to link AdSense to Google Analytics?

Here is how to link AdSense to a Google Analytics property:

  1. Open the Google Analytics account
  2. Click on the ‘Admin’ tab on the left column
  3. Make sure you are in the right Google Analytics account and property
  4. Under the Property column, click on ‘AdSense Links’.
  5. Click on the red button ‘New AdSense Link’.
new AdSense Link in Google Analytics
  1. Select the AdSense property you want to connect this Google Analytics property to.
  2. Click on ‘Continue’.
  3. Select the Analytics view you want the AdSense data to be available.
  4. Click on ‘Enable Link’.
  5. Click on ‘Done’

If you followed these steps, now your Google AdSense property should be connected to your Google Analytics account.

Once you have connected the Google AdSense with the Analytics property, you should wait 24 hours before the Analytics Publisher report will be populated with data.

Why you should link Google AdSense and Analytics?

So, when you link an AdSense property with a Google Analytics account, you should be able to analyze your AdSense data within Google Analytics and see some Google Analytics data within your AdSense reports.

So, first, let’s talk about the Google Analytics reports that are dedicated for Google AdSense Publishers.

You will be able to access these AdSense reports under the Publisher section of your Google Analytics sidebar.

You can access this by clicking on Behavior, then Publisher on the left.

Publisher reports in Google Analytics

As you can see, there are three report pages currently:

  • Overview: you can get a quick overview of the main performance metrics of your Google AdSense account
  • Publisher Pages: you can analyze your pages by these AdSense publisher metrics
  • Publisher Referrers: see these publisher metrics by the source of your traffic.

Of course, the great thing about these reports is that you can combine, filter these reports with other Google Analytics dimensions, segments and more.

To learn more about these Google AdSense reports, check out our separate guide on Google Analytics Publisher Reports here:

  • Google Analytics Publisher Reports

In your Google AdSense account, once you have linked it with Google Analytics, you should see a Google AdSense Homepage Card with the following metrics:

  • users,
  • bounce rate,
  • new visitor,
  • returning visitor,
  • % page views,
  • and traffic channels

Can’t connect Google AdSense to Google Analytics

If you can’t link a Google AdSense to Google Analytics, here are the most common issues you should check:

  1. First, you have to make sure you are in the right Google account when you want to link AdSense with Analytics.
    If this is the issue, this should be pretty clear as when you want to link the AdSense account, Google Analytics will say something that this Google account doesn’t have an AdSense account yet.
  2. Then the next thing you should check if you have Administrator access to your AdSense account. With a lower level permission, you won’t be able to link Google AdSense to Analytics
  3. Last but not least,  you have to have at least an ‘Edit permission’ in the Google Analytics Property where you want to link the AdSense property.

If you fix these issues, you should be able now to connect AdSense with Google Analytics.

Linking AdSense to Google Analytics 4

Keep in mind that Google Analytics 4 doesn’t support Google AdSense linking yet, so you have to use your Universal Analytics property if you want to link AdSense with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics 4 is still being developed, so hopefully, we don’t have to wait too much for Google to add this AdSense GA4 integration as well.

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