How To create LinkedIn LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms? [in 2022]

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One of the features that LinkedIn offers for generating more qualified leads is the “LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms” feature and tool.

In this LinkedIn ads tutorial, we are going to explain everything you have to know about LinkedIn Lead Gen forms.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn Lead gen forms, check out this video tutorial:

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms can be used by marketers and businesses to connect the leads from the social networks, and they do not have to redirect the user to some other website page for that.

The LinkedIn Lead Gen Form is a good tool for content marketing, for collaborating with influencers and decision-makers, for generating more traffic online, and for generating greater sales and revenues.

It is a specific type of online form that can be incorporated into an online ad. The form will carry the user’s information, which it gathers from the profile of the users on LinkedIn.

It speeds up the entire interaction and improves the experience of the users. Because the number of the form fields is reduced, the form can be filled up fast and easy and the users do not leave the website.

The LinkedIn Lead Gen ad form can be included in any sponsored campaign on LinkedIn and can generate more information about the leads. The forms can be added to an old campaign or can be included in a new one. The users can access these forms through both desktop and mobile. It networks with a variety of advertisements that are available on LinkedIn email and the sponsored content.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Fields

The users and your prospective leads can carry out the in-app registration process, follow the call to action, or download the LinkedIn lead gen advertisement and form.

When a user will click on the advertisement that you have posted through the LinkedIn ad feature, he/she will get a form that has some pre-filled information coming from their profiles. They will have to confirm and subsequently submit it after going through the content.

Once the user submits the form and the record, you will receive all this information in your account. It will include information like the user’s name, email, name of the company, job title, and other information that has been specified in the Lead Gen form.

Tips and Best Practices For LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

While creating your LinkedIn lead gen form, you should ensure that you are not asking for information that you do not need.

Sometimes the users may move away from the form and will not fill it when it has more than the necessary number of fields. Also, ensure that the content is consistent with the experience of the user and also choose the users (the target audience) wisely.

Respond promptly to the leads that you obtain and fulfill your promise.

How to create a LinkedIn LinkedIn Lead Gen form?

Below is the step-by-step procedure to set up the LinkedIn lead generation form for your business, along with all the details or the fields it carries.

  1. ‘Open the LinkedIn account and visit Campaign Manager.
  2. ‘Click on the section Account Assets.
  3. ‘Click on the section Lead Gen Forms.
  4. ‘Click on the section Create Form.

LinkedIn lead gen form has 4 different fields or sections.

  1. The “form details” section: within this section, you will have to name your form and choose a language for it. You will have to create a headline for the form (in less than 60 characters). A URL must be added that will link the form to the privacy section or the “privacy policy” of the business website. Lastly, you will also have to include and detail the privacy policy within the box that is provided in the section.
  2. The “lead details” page: on this page, you will collect all the data from your prospective customers and the leads, when they sign up for your form. Remember that while users do not need to fill in all the information, they still need to input their phone number, email address, and gender, as this information is not pre-filled automatically. You can also add some of your own “checkboxes” and the “questions” in the form as they can be customized to a certain extent.
  3. The “Confirmation set up” section: the “confirmation setup” section resembles the “thank you” page that you may find on the websites. Here you will also provide the URL of the landing page as well as a “call to action” that is relevant to the offer.
  4. The “hidden fields” section: this last section is optional for you. You may have to integrate the section with other marketing automation platforms. This information and field will be hidden from your prospective leads and users.

Other information related to LinkedIn Lead Generation ads and forms

As of now, LinkedIn does not deliver any automated content to the users or members on behalf of the advertising business organization. When you want to get your content delivered to a LinkedIn member or user, you should provide the link in the “thank you” message of the form.

You can also deliver the assets to the prospective leads and members through email after downloading the contact addresses of the leads from the campaign manager.


LinkedIn Lead Gen Form is one of the greatest assets and tools that marketers can use to generate qualified leads from a highly popular social media networking website. However, you should do your homework. You should ensure that you are asking for the right information and fulfilling the experience-related aspirations of the customers.

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