Types of LinkedIn Page Admin Roles Explained [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn page admin roles can be a little bit confusing at first. For this reason, we have written this LinkedIn Page tutorial to make it more clear and explain to you all the LinkedIn page roles you can currently have on a Linkedin company page.

Types of LinkedIn Page Admin Roles

Under the LinkedIn Pages, there are two types of admin roles, namely Page and Paid Media.

LinkedIn offers the two to support the tiered levels of management for all affairs concerned with your Page. It is possible to assign Page Admin and Paid Media Admin roles to a single member simultaneously. Page Admin and Page Media Admin duties can only be delegated to members, junior staff, and marketers.

LinkedIn Page Admin Roles

LinkedIn Page Super Admin

This role allows you absolute control over any page in LinkedIn, including but not limited to adding a new admin on the Page, removing an existing admin on the Page, altering Page information, and deactivating the Page. All these roles can be performed from the Super admin view, your main landing page.

LinkedIn Page Content Admin

This role allows you to draft and control Page content. Some of the tasks you can perform on this page include making updates, enriching updates, uploading new content, posting jobs and events, etc. You can perform these tasks from Content admin, your primary landing page.

LinkedIn Page Curator

This page admin role allows you to view Content Proposals, draft the suggested content, view and re-arrange Page analytics. This role is only accessible via the My Company tab.

LinkedIn Page Analyst

This page admin role allows you to examine the Page’s performance via analytics to aid in the realization of the company’s goals. When using 3rd party tools, analysts won’t have complete access to the page. As an analyst, your Page access will only be limited to the analytics tab, which is your main landing page.

LinkedIn Page Media Admins

Sponsored Content Poster: This role authorizes you to formulate Sponsored Content ads on behalf of the company using your LinkedIn Ads account. This role denies the Content Poster ability to promote organic updates right on a Page.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Manager

This role permits you to download leads obtained from the Page connected to Lead Gen Forms formulated in ads accounts via Campaign Manager.

LinkedIn  Land Pages Manager

This role allows you to formulate and edit Landing Pages that are closely related to your page. All this can be done from the Campaign Manager, your main landing page.

Most important: No page should have less than one super admin. If your fellow super admins have surrendered their roles, and you’re the only active admin left on the Page, simply add another super admin before you can exit.

How To add admin to a LinkedIn page?

LinkedIn Page super admins have the authority to add Page and Paid Media admins using the Super admin view or via an email notification process. The super admin role is originally granted to the developer of a Page. To add a new admin, you are required to:

  1. Sign-in into the LinkedIn Page as Super admin
  2. At the top of the page, click the Admin tools dropdown and select Manage Admins
  3. Select either Page admins or Paid media admins tab
  4. Locate the Add admin button and click it
  5. On the Search for a member text field, key in the name of the person you would like to add
  6. Click the name of that person on the menu that pops up
  7. Select the admin role to be assigned. Note that Page admin limits the number of roles assigned per member to one, but Paid Media allows the provision of more than one role to a member.
  8. Hit the Save button

To add a page admin when access is requested, do the following:

  1. Log in into your LinkedIn Page as a Super admin
  2. At the top of the page, click the Admin tools dropdown and select Manage Admins
  3. On the right of the requesting member’s name, hit the Assign role button and click the Decline button to deny the request.
  4. To approve the request, click the Select a role to assign dropdown and grant any of the following admin roles: Super admin, Content admin, Curator, or Analyst.
  5. Hit the Add admin button to put the assigned role into effect

To add an admin to your Page by email, do the following:

  1. Access the email conveyed to your main email account
  2. For approval, click the Grant button, and for denial, click the Deny button

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