LinkedIn Company Page Analytics Explained

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If you want to improve the marketing efforts of your LinkedIn company page, you should analyze the data of LinkedIn page analytics.

In this LinkedIn page tutorial, we are going to explain the most important things you have to know about LinkedIn company page analytics.

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What Is LinkedIn Company Page Analytics and Where Can You Access It?

LinkedIn offers a free analytics platform that evaluates the success of the social media strategy or marketing campaign. Digital marketers and content creators can use the analytics tool to learn more about their audience and the kind of material they want.

You may track the following information on LinkedIn:

  • Visitor characteristics, like job role and region
  • Engagement on the postings, like impressions, views, and comments
  • Follower increase
  • Employee advocacy statistics

Begin by logging onto your LinkedIn Company page to have insight into the LinkedIn statistics dashboard. Then go to the LinkedIn business website you’re in charge of. Page statistics are only viewable to site admins or, at the very least, users who have “analyst” access. You may track the LinkedIn analytics as soon as you have the appropriate rights and access.

LinkedIn Compny Page Analytics – Analytic types explained

Update Analytics

These LinkedIn Company Page Analytics show how beneficial your LinkedIn posts are, whether or not your followers believe them interesting, and they aid social sites managers in identifying trends and patterns.

If your current statistics show low post interaction, for example, you might try modifying the time you plan posts to broadcast or the type of material you publish.

Follower Analytics

These stats show how people are reacting to your page’s information and updates. Understanding more about your followers will enable you to design content that speaks directly to them, increasing interaction and traffic.

Visitor Analytics

These look a lot like follower metrics. These figures reflect who visits your page but isn’t yet a loyal fan of your brand on LinkedIn.

To put it another way, having demographic data on who is browsing your page can help your company discover patterns and customize its announcements to those individuals.

Employee Advocacy Analytics

Employee advocacy statistics, according to LinkedIn Help, “allow page admins of a LinkedIn Page to assess trends in worker and member engagement with information suggested to staff on the My Company tab.”

Talent Brand Analytics

Super admins who manage LinkedIn Career Pages have access to these analytics. Monitoring these data could be beneficial when one of your LinkedIn social media goals is to recruit new expertise to your firm.

Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn Company Page Analytics Data

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your company page on LinkedIn acts as a center for your clients. Basic corporate information, company updates, and much more will be included on your page.

Grow Your Company Follower Base

Now that you’ve created your page, you should concentrate on increasing the number of people who follow you.

You Can Become a Strategic Thinker

LinkedIn Pulse is a wonderful way to share unique, interesting material that can help your organization establish itself as a thought leader, draw new leads to the homepage, and increase sales. It’s a crucial component of your overall content strategy. Make sure your page portrays you most clearly before presenting yourself as a leading voice.

Target Your Customers with LinkedIn Ads

When it comes to LinkedIn ads, there’s a lot you can do. Starting with sponsored content, funded InMail, text advertisements, and carousel ads, LinkedIn provides 4 main forms of ads. Each has a distinct purpose and manifests itself in various ways in front of your potential customers.

SlideShare, like LinkedIn Pulse, is another opportunity to share your expertise on LinkedIn while also gaining customers. A call-to-action or a website link can send people to your website directly. This is a good technique to get new prospects and introduce people to your goods and services.

Can’t See LinkedIn Copmany Page Analytics

You don’t expect to acquire actionable information from your data straight away. Instead, you understand that analyzing each piece of content separately requires time and attention, and you’re fine with that. You don’t want to put any money into it. Then this is the alternative for you.

You want detailed information about your data to help you understand what works or what doesn’t. You don’t want to waste time examining every piece of text. You’d like more detailed information to help you better your LinkedIn game. You work as a professional and/or look after a group of people.

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