How To Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page? [in 2022]

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Are you wondering if you should create a showcase page on LinkedIn? And if yes, then what is the process.

That is what we are going to cover in this Linkedin business page tutorial.

If you prefer to watch a tutorial on LinkedIn showcase pages, check out this one:

What is a LinkedIn Showcase page?

LinkedIn showcase pages are extra pages that you can add to the Linkedin company page. They assist you in showcasing your company’s unique products and initiatives and reaching out to specific customer profiles. You may create targeted, in-depth material for different buyer personas using showcase pages.

You can provide a customized experience for the people you’re selling to. As a result, LinkedIn users interested in the company’s unique offers can visit the Showcase pages. They may do this without needing to follow the business’s Linkedin profile.

Showcase pages allow you to connect to the customers in a more precise manner. You may share in-depth news and articles that they’d like to read or discuss with them.

How To Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

  1. To make a Showcase Page, start by clicking the Work symbol on the LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select make a Company Page from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to the Showcase page.
  4. Fill in the necessary information shown with an asterisk.
  5. Check the box to confirm that you have the authority to create the Showcase Page on account of the organization.
  6. Select Create a new page.

From the parent Page, build a Showcase Page.

  1. Go to the parent Page’s Super admin tab.
  2. In the upper right of the page, select Admin Tools.
  3. From the dropdown menu, choose to Create Showcase Page.
  4. Give the Showcase Page a title and a URL.
  5. Select Create a new page.

LinkedIn Company Page vs Showcase Page

The main page for a firm on LinkedIn is called a LinkedIn corporate page. It’s used to present information about the company as a whole, like its location, specialty, description, and size. You can use the Company Page to share the firm’s history, provide news updates, and email marketing-related material. It is, though, where you may post information about job openings and create a Careers Page to inform prospective employees what lifestyle is like at the company.

A Showcase Page, on the other hand, is designed to highlight a particular product. Apple, for instance, can develop a LinkedIn Showcase site to promote the iPhone X, providing information pertinent to the device’s advantages and functions.

LinkedIn Showcase Page examples

HackerEarth is a program evaluation tool that is used to analyze engineers’ abilities throughout the employment process.

HackerEarth’s material is what helps them stand out. As previously highlighted, providing material on your company page every week can quadruple your post engagement.

HackerEarth outperforms the competition by publishing content daily, all of which are useful. Intel is one of the world’s largest technology corporations, creating cloud computing, machine intelligence, data centers, and even personal computers.

What Is a Showcase Page and How Can You Make One?

It’s simple to make a Showcase Page: just go to the Administrator Tools part of the Company Page page and select the option. The Showcase Page is an URL that appears on the Company Page, so you can’t lose any current followers or material when you establish it. However, followers of the Company Page will not instantly be followers of the Showcase Page. You’ll have to focus on increasing the number of people who see it.

The major difference is that you’ll want to employ these approaches in a more focused way to guarantee that the Showcase Page reaches the exact audience you intended:

  • Make an update announcing your original Showcase Page, then send it to your most important Company Page followers, urging them to learn more about the topics that attract them the most.
  • Encourage your staff to become brand ambassadors by encouraging them to post links to the Showcase Page changes and include connections to the site in emails to relevant foreign customers.
  • Include connections to the Showcase Page in all of the important customers’ external interactions, like emails, bulletins, and blog posts.

Each of these tactics for growing the Showcase Page’s traffic will be more successful if you can keep the page maintained with new, relevant information.

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