What are LinkedIn Spotlight Ads? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn Spotlight Ads are one of the popular LinkedIn Ad types that you can leverage as a LinkedIn advertiser.

In this LinkedIn ads tutorial, we are going to explain to you what LinkedIn Spotlight ads are, the LinkedIn Spotlight Ads specs and anything else that you need to know to create LinkedIn ad campaigns with Spotlight ads.

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What are LinkedIn Spotlight Ads?

LinkedIn spotlight ads are designed to address a LinkedIn member that leads to the advertiser’s company page or a certain landing page. Each LinkedIn Spotligh ad is specifically modified based on a member’s profile.

These dynamic ads build a personal connection to the members easily and capture attention unlike other standard ads since the ad itself displays the photo and name of the member.

LinkedIn Spotlight ads can be used on your marketing funnel to connect prospects with brand recognition, website visit, and job application.

It helps spread brand awareness by targeting the exact audience that you want to reach. With the spotlight ads, you can turn a bulk of members into several page followers. It works by advertising your products and services to the target audience, when clicked, it directs the LinkedIn member to the landing page.

Another objective of the spotlight ads is to bring more traffic to your website. These advertisements are usually displayed on members who are most probably interested in your page’s contents. Once the ad is clicked, it will go straight to your website.

These ads can also be beneficial to people who are currently looking for jobs. It promotes your job opening to a prospected talent. LinkedIn determines which members are most likely to get engaged on the ad through the member’s profile.

LinkedIn Spotlight Ads Specs

The spotlight ads showcase your company’s products, events, and contents which may require some information to work. By having the absolute and engaging information, your website traffic may double and reach up to the web feeds up to your 4th-degree connections. Below are the specs and information that needs to be found on your spotlight ad:

A short ad description that can be used up to 70 characters

  • A short ad headline that can be used up to 50 characters.
  • Organization name with 25 characters, including spaces. The company’s name will also be visible once the cursor hovers over the logo.
  • IN a PNG or JPEG format of the company image, the minimum size of the photo should be 100x100px. Photos will be pixelated if it did not reach the minimum size, while a larger photo shall be reduced to the minimum size to fit the ad.
  • A CTA button text with a maximum of 18 characters including spaces.
  • The most important part of the ad is the landing page’s URL.

A background image is optional and may also be added, however, adding the background will remove the description and the profile photo of the member.

LinkedIn Spotlight Ads Tips and Best Practices

Your marketing objective defines which dynamic ad you should use.

You can showcase and promote your brand or reach more audiences and get more followers with the Follower Ads. You can share thoughts, insights, and content with your target audience with the Spotlight Ads. Lastly, you can get a pool of talents with the Job Ads, these ads will provide you with more choices on employing a perfect candidate.

You just need to access the Campaign Manager to start building your ads.

Generally, it is best to capture a member’s attention with the personalized ad and make sure the ad works properly before launching the campaign

How to Create LinkedIn Spotlight Ads Campaign?

To launch a spotlight ads campaign, just follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the Campaign Manager page.
  2. Choose the account name that you wanted to create a campaign. If you do not have both yet, you can create a new account by choosing “Account” from the dropdown menu. This goes the same with creating a campaign group.
  3. Define your campaign objective and the target audience that you want to reach. This can be done in the “Audience” section by selecting the targeted audience aspect. You may apply pre-defined audience segments by uploading a list of contacts or retargeting people who previously interacted with your website.
  4. Complete the next section by setting a budget, schedule, and bid.
  5. Customize your ad and choose your ad rotation.
  6. Finally, double-check if your campaign details are correct, make final edits before launching your ad.

Once everything is set, you may now start your ad by clicking “Launch Campaign”. Take note that this ad will only start once it is approved.

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