How To Change LinkedIn Username? + How To Find It? [in 2022]

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In this LinkedIn profile tutorial, we are going to show you how to change the LinkedIn username step by step.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to change LinkedIn username, check out this one:

What is My LinkedIn Username and How to Find It?

It is not that hard to find your public LinkedIn URL as one way would be to search LinkedIn for yourself by entering your first and last name. When you finally find your profile, you can right-click the ‘copy link’ option once the mouse hovers to your profile. Copy the link and paste it on your URL box or somewhere else so that you will know your public profile URL.

An easier way to know your public profile URL would be to right-click your ‘Me’ link on your profile. When that happens, you would already get your public profile URL plus your LinkedIn username. It is evident that is a lot easier once you stick your head into the game.

How to Change LinkedIn username?

It is not that hard to change your username on LinkedIn. First, you can click on the ‘Me’ link at the top of your profile page. After that, you can go to the Edit section of your profile which should not be too hard to find since it is just next to your profile picture. Once the pop-up window goes up, you can now change your first and last name.

There is no doubt you will be pulled to change your LinkedIn username after you get married. Add that to the fact that you will feel obliged to change it when you become a licensed professional like a lawyer or a doctor. After that, people will look up to you and come to realize that you are inching towards your goal.

What is a good LinkedIn username?

Remember that this website is for professionals to connect with each other so better think of a professional username. Remember to always use the name that you put in your business cards and CVs.

It won’t be wise to not be serious with this since recruiters will be looking at it so when they conclude you are not serious with your username, then you won’t get hired for the job you’ve been looking for.

There is no sense in changing your LinkedIn username from the name that you always use as that will change the way other people look at you. Only celebrities change their names for no reason so if you want other people to respect you then you should start by respecting yourself.

Of course, they have their own reasons but you are not in the position to do something like that so stick with the name that you were given and don’t change it unless your reason for changing it would benefit you in the long run.

One thing to always avoid would be to use foul language in your LinkedIn username as that would appear to be very unprofessional. Also, you can include your profession in your LinkedIn username.

One good example would be Andy Brown real estate so when your name pops up in search engine results then the person who did the search would automatically find out your profession and you would suddenly get an advantage over the other people in the search engine results.

Can’t Change my LinkedIn username

If someone has already taken the username that you want then unfortunately you won’t be able to change the old one.

Hence, you better find another one and LinkedIn would always have plenty of suggestions up its sleeve. However, be sure to not pick a Linkedin username just because it is available since it could be far from the name that you were given at birth.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Username

If you change your country of residence, your LinkedIn username and public URL would automatically change.

This would work in areas where the country becomes the first few letters of the website URL of your public profile URL. Keep in mind you can still use the old public profile URL if you wish to do so.

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