How To Create LinkedIn Video Ads Campaigns? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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We all know how videos do a better job of getting the attention of visitors compared to articles. Hence, you should consider using LinkedIn video ads as a part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy as it can pave the way for you to accomplish your goals.

In this Linkedin ads tutorial, we are going to show you everything you need to know about LinkedIn Video advertising. If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn video ads, check out this one:

LinkedIn Video Ads Overview

LinkedIn video ads promote content on your LinkedIn business page based on things that are already there. You also have the option to create an entirely new one by using other applications then uploading it on the website by using Campaign Manager. Of course, you would need to keep your objective in mind while creating the video.

We all know creating a video is not that hard but getting the right people to click it is pretty difficult. LinkedIn video ads take that problem out of your hands when the ads fall to the right people.

LinkedIn Video Ads Specs

The length would be the first thing that would pop up as you can make a video that can be as long as thirty minutes and as short as three seconds. You would clearly drive more leads with your video if you can get the message out in fifteen seconds or less. Additionally, the file format should always be MP4 and the frame rate should be less than thirty frames per second which are not hard to do.

The name and description for the video are completely optional. There is also the file size which can be as small as 75 KB and as big as 25 MB. There is a big chance you will never reach that maximum.

LinkedIn Video Ads Tips and Best Practices

One excellent way to track the viewability of your LinkedIn video ads would be to add Moat tags. Of course, you need to be a Moat user for this to happen. It is a good thing it does not really take long to be one and the benefits are endless including being able to track success so you know what you are doing right.

Before you even think about what your content would be, you should identify your objective so you can base the video on the objective. For example, if you are trying to expose your brand to more people then you should tell a short story about what your brand brings to the table. It should be a creative short one so that people would be interested in it.

Keep in mind most people would watch the video without any sound so better not rely on audio a bit too much. Also, better to use people and graphics to deliver your message preferably in the first ten seconds. Due to the fact that videos get more comments than static, your brand would benefit a lot from all the engagement.

How to Create LinkedIn Video Ads Campaign?

First, you can create a campaign name by going to Campaign Manager. After that, you can select from a few options with regard to your end goal for this campaign. LinkedIn would want nothing more than to help you with your objective so they will also let you define your target audience.

When that is settled, you must fill up all the fields in the ‘Budget and Schedule’ section. Next, go to the ‘Ads in this Campaign’ section and choose to either upload existing new content or start a completely new one. It is indeed possible you would just want to edit an existing video a little.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Video Ads

When the video is completed, you will be able to keep track of how it is doing by taking a look at the metrics that LinkedIn provides. Believe it or not, you can check out the number of views the video has gotten since you put it up. Add that to the fact that you will know what your audience would respond to so you can learn from it and do better in your upcoming videos.

A great idea would be to install LinkedIn Insight Tag so you would be able to know more about your visitors. It would be more than knowing who clicked on the ads. Yes, you will also get to know what they did after that like if they signed up for your newsletter or they bought a few items from your product catalog.

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