LinkedIn Website Demographics Tool: What You Need to Know

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LinkedIn is a platform for building business connections and advertising products. By knowing who interacts with the page, you will be able to focus on target audiences. LinkedIn website demographics tool is important to figure out to whom should you give attention.

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What is the LinkedIn website demographics tool and what is it good for?

The LinkedIn demographics tool provides detailed demographic information of who visits your website based on a LinkedIn member’s profile.

This tool works with the LinkedIn Insight Tag added to your company website. To create a perfect marketing strategy, it is important to know which majority of LinkedIn users are paying attention to your website.

Using the website demographics page, you can view and compare the demographic dimensions of your website visitors. It will also help you understand your audience’s insights better depending on which category they are in. These are broken down into the following segments:

  • Job Title, Function, and Industry
  • Job Rankings
  • Company Size
  • Location

The numbers represented by each segment show the number of audiences that the company’s marketing strategies are attracting. By recognizing this data, you can customize and create excellent campaign ads and content for your ideal prospects.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Website Demographics for Your Website?

To start, you have to add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your company page, this makes the LinkedIn Website Demographics Tool work. You may do this when you have access to the company’s Campaign Manager. Once signed in, you may follow these steps to set up the demographic demographics:

  1. Click the correct Ads account name or create a new Ads account
  2. On the top navigation bar, click the “Website Demographics”
  3. Follow the instructions and create audiences to track.

You can only view your website demographic data once your Insight Tag is verified and your website has reached more than 300 visiting members.

Once these are all set up, you can now access the demographic data of your visitors and see which content they interact with the most. With the website demographic data, you can create ads specifically to the people you want to reach and interact with. These website demographics are updated once daily.

How to build an audience for LinkedIn Website demographics?

A strong audience pool can be built up to 90 days depending on your website’s traffic. However, if your audience website demographic is not verified after 24 hours, you may have to check if your audience URL is properly encoded.

Once signed in to Campaign Manager, follow these steps to check the status of audiences:

  1. Click which Ads account you want to check.
  2. Click “Matched Audiences” from the “Accounts Assets” dropdown menu.
  3. On the left side, you can filter the data through “Website Audiences”
  4. Click “Status” to check the status of current audiences.

If the audience demographic is not available after 24 hours, another reason is the Insight Tag may not have been placed correctly. To check the status of your Insight Tag, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to access the Campaign Manager.
  2. Choose the correct Ads account.
  3. Select “Insight Tag” on the “Accounts Assets” dropdown menu.
  4. It will show the “Tagged Domains” if your Insight Tag is entered properly on your website.

Benefits of Website Demographics in Audience Analysis

Knowing your audience is an important step to know who is interested and already buying your product. Having website demographics data will help you define your target audience. One of the parts of a website’s demographics is age. On LinkedIn, users are mostly professional so better make your Ad content and marketing strategies specifically for this age bracket.

It will also allow you to reduce costs on your advertising and marketing expenses since the demographic data will show you which audience is interested in your product. You can boost your marketing strategy by delivering a personalized marketing strategy to different kinds of audiences.

By checking on which type of audience visits your website the most, you can create more relevant content. Usually, people under the same age, profession, or industry share the same interests and needs.

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