How To Post a Job For Free On LinkedIn? [in 2022]

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Job posts help you find employees on LinkedIn. The platform offers two types of job posts: free and promoted. Keep reading to learn how to post a job for free on LinkedIn, how to make the LinkedIn job post more engaging, and what are the main differences between promoted LinkedIn jobs and free job posts.

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Is Job posting free on Linkedin?

LinkedIn gives the opportunity to post jobs for free. However, they tend to become less visible over time. Once a certain number of candidates apply for the job, the post is removed from the search results.

This lowers your chance of reaching highly-qualified professionals. To improve your hiring experience, you are encouraged to use promoted job posts. They always appear on top of search results and job recommendations list.

How To Post a Job For Free On LinkedIn?

Want to post a job for free on LinkedIn? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 1

Tap “Jobs” in the top section of the LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2

Select “Post a Job“. If you use Recruiter service, you will land on a page with special contract options.

Step 3

Describe the job in the text box. Give it a detailed and attractive description to spark the attention of qualified professionals. Next, tap on add skill icon to add abilities a perfect candidate must possess.

Step 4

Press Continue which will bring you to Applicant Options page. Here you have to choose in which way you want to be notified of fresh applicants. Also, you can add screening questions to narrow down the candidates list, leaving only the most suitable ones.

Questions like “are you willing to work night shifts?” or “how many years of sales experience do you have?” can help you choose the right candidate. You can also use pre-written screening questions generated by LinkedIn based on your job description.

Step 5

Tap Post Job for Free.

Best practices for posting a job on LinkedIn

To make your post more attractive to the brightest minds on LinkedIn, you should implement in it a list of best practices.

1. Improve your LinkedIn company page

The more appealing your LinkedIn business page looks, the more qualified applicants will want to join your company. Create a description of your company, emphasizing its visions, values and accomplishments.

Link your website to the LinkedIn page to help applicants get a better understanding of your business. Post videos, photos, updates, news on regular basis to make sure your followers don’t lose interest for your page.

2. Make your job post engaging

Try to make your job post as engaging and detailed as possible. Describe the job in close detail, specifying the skills the applicants must have. Make it clear whether you want the candidates to send a resume.

If you want the candidates to prove their skills, include a LinkedIn Skills Assessment query into the job post. Add keywords into the job description such as industries and job functions. Also, add the exact address of the company so that applicants can determine how much time it will take them to commute from home to the office.

3. Set a budget

To come across more relevant candidates, use promoted job posts. Establish the daily or total budget for your hiring campaign based on the chosen billing conditions. Once your budget is met, the job post will be put on pause. You can add more budget to reactivate your job post.

Free job posts vs promoted jobs differences

Do you intend to post a job for free on LinkedIn? You should think twice and consider using the more effective promoted post. Unlike free job posts, promoted jobs are charged. You pay based on the pay-per-click model.

What do you receive instead? A promoted post boasts better visibility in the search results and a broader reach to qualified professionals. It is expected to be seen by 3 times as many LinkedIn members as a free post.

The job will also appear on top of the recommendations list of the most skilled workforce. This increases the chance of them taking a look at your job offer. Moreover, promoted posts come with a smart notification system.

You will receive instant alerts when professionals who suit your job requirements apply for the role. In this way, you are unlikely to respond to the application too late. The candidates will also receive notifications about your job when it pops up in their recommendations list.

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