What is a Professional Twitter Account? [in 2022]

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The Twitter professional account is for people that want to use the app for businesspurposes. Twitter professional accounts are used by professionals to establish their presence on the platform. There are also dedicated tools for  Twitterprofessionals to promote their Twitter content via Twitter quick promotion, ads, advanced profile pictures and many more.

What is a Professional Account on Twitter (Twitter for Professional)?

A professional account on Twitter is to show and display information that you can’t be eligible to provide as a personal Twitter account. This information can be about the person’s business or brands. This allows the account to promote their brand and business more easily.

You can use a professional Twitter account if you are a creator, publisher, developer, nonprofit, blogger or in business. A Twitter professional account can enable you to send a courageous message showcasing your product.

The Professional label is an indicator that your account represents a professional category. This will show directly on your Twitter profile. The category option can be used if you want to do so. You can also remove it. The category shows the specific type of professional you are.

Twitter For Professional features

A professional account has some additional features and options to promote your creative or business aspect. You can display your products, services, location and ideas to make the audience reach out easily. you can promote your tweets and make your profile stand out.

How to set up a Twitter Professional Account?

You can set up a professional account with your phone or via the web. You need to sign up and create a Twitter account. In case you don’t have an account you can create one by using your email ID and following some simple steps.

Next, log in to your account with a web or a mobile phone. There will be more options on the left sidebar menu for the web.

Tap your Twitter profile picture if you are using the Android or iOS version. Now, you need to switch to a professional Twitter account.

You need to choose the option Twitter for professionals. Then select agree and continue.

You can select a catalog for your professional account. There will be some options provided by Twitter you can select the one that best fits your professional idea. Open with a mobile version to get more options for this category.

If you open from a web and can’t find a suitable option. You can shift to an Android or ios version. This will enable you to choose from various other options that don’t appear on the web.

After that, you can click next to continue to the next page. Choose what your account type will be: Creator or business. After selecting that click next to finish the set-up. Follow these simple steps to have your professional Twitter account.

Twitter Professional Account vs Personal Twitter Account

Both Twitter professionals and personal accounts have different usage and agenda. A personal account can represent yourself and your thoughts. The professional account uses to try to build their brand through a professional account.

Use a personal account to engage with people and connect with them. You can make friends and acquaintances through your tweets. They will be your thoughts and feelings. This will make you connect with people on a fun and personal level.

But they often use another personal account for their normal tweets and opinions. You can use a professional account to share your personal opinions too. If you want to build your brand around you then you can do that.

It’s better to create a separate account for your brands and promotions so people can easily search for them. Twitter is also a good place to search for brands or businesses for updates on their latest products.

Should I use Twitter for Professional?

Yes,if you want to build your brand, content or business then you should use a Twitter professional account. It will be easy for you to put updates about your products, tweet content, advertisements and other ideas for audiences.

Last but not least, Social media is now a tool to promote yourself and many other things. You can choose to be anybody on a platform like Twitter. You can share your opinions, debate with people and get to know a lot of information about the world around you.

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