SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin Tutorial, Use Cases & Prompts

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Do you want to learn more about the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin?

In this ChatGPT plugin tutorial, we are going to show you how to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, how to install the plugin, and what the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin can do.

We are also going to explain what to do when this ChatGPT plugin is not working and anything else important that you need to know about the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, check out this one from our YouTube channel:

What can you do with the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin?

The SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin allows ChatGPT to utilize the SceneXplain tool, which enables the attachment of images to the conversation. By incorporating this plugin, ChatGPT gains the ability to engage in image storytelling beyond just textual prompts. The plugin description suggests that the output should be initiated with the phrase “SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin is a ChatGPT plugin that” and encourages the use of lists in the generated response.

With the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, ChatGPT can perform various tasks related to image understanding and description. The provided use cases illustrate the potential applications of this plugin:

1. Explaining the architectural style of a building in an image: ChatGPT can analyze the visual characteristics of a building and provide a detailed description of its architectural style.

2. Describing the emotions conveyed by people in a photo: ChatGPT can interpret the facial expressions and body language of individuals captured in an image, enabling it to describe the emotions they are likely experiencing.

3. Identifying the species of a bird in an image: By examining the visual features of a bird, ChatGPT can recognize its species and provide relevant information about it.

4. Determining the time of day in a picture based on the lighting: ChatGPT can analyze the lighting conditions present in an image to estimate the time of day when the photo was taken.

5. Identifying the season depicted in an image: By assessing the visual cues related to weather, foliage, and other seasonal elements, ChatGPT can determine the specific season represented in an image.

6. Identifying landmarks in a cityscape photo: ChatGPT can recognize and name notable landmarks visible in a cityscape image, allowing it to provide information about those landmarks.

7. Describing the clothing style of a person in an image: By analyzing the attire and fashion choices of an individual in a photo, ChatGPT can describe their clothing style and potentially provide additional context.

8. Determining the type of ecosystem shown in a picture: ChatGPT can examine the visual elements present in an image, such as vegetation, terrain, and wildlife, to identify the type of ecosystem depicted.

9. Identifying the kind of event happening in an image: By analyzing the activities, objects, and context in an image, ChatGPT can infer the type of event or occasion taking place.

10. Describing the weather conditions in a photo: ChatGPT can examine the visual cues related to weather, such as clouds, precipitation, and lighting, to describe the weather conditions depicted in the image.

In summary, the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin empowers ChatGPT to interact with images and perform a wide range of tasks, including architectural analysis, emotion recognition, species identification, time and season estimation, landmark recognition, clothing style description, ecosystem identification, event inference, and weather description.

How to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin?

Here is how to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin:

  1. Open the ChatGPT website
  2. Sign in to your ChatGPT account
  3. Make sure that you have enabled ChatGPT plugins in your account.
  4. Select GPT-4 model from the model selector.
  5. Click on the ChatGPT plugin icon
  6. Select Plugin store.
  7. Search for the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin
  8. Click on ‘Install’ to add the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin to your ChatGPT account.

Now, also make sure that if you want to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, you have to use the GPT-4 model and you also have to enable the plugin. (currently, only 3 ChatGPT plugins can be enabled at the same time).

Now, all you have to do is use a SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin prompt to activate the plugin.

If you are not sure what plugin prompts you can use to activate the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, make sure to check out our ChatGPT plugin database here.

Can’t install the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin

If you can’t install the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, here is how to troubleshoot and find out why you can’t install and use this specific plugin.

1.Make sure you have upgraded to a GPT Plus subscription as ChatGPT plugins are currently only available for Plus subscribers

2. Next, you also have to make sure that the ChatGPT plugins are enabled in your ChatGPT account.

ChatGPT plugins enabled 2

3. It is possible that the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin is not available in the ChatGPT plugin store anymore temporarily because of some technical issues with the integration.

If you have already installed the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin but it still not generating the right response, check out the next section.

SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin not working – how to fix it?

If the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin is not working properly or you get error messages instead of a ChatGPT response, here are some ways to fix it.

  1. Click on the ‘Regenerate response’ button

Keep in mind that the ChatGPT plugin is still a beta feature, so bugs and other technical issues can occur frequently when you try to make any ChatGPT plugin work.

regenerate ChatGPT plugin response 2

However, in a lot of cases, the ‘Regenerate response’ button can help you fix a lot of errors.

  1. Check if you have selected the ChatGPT plugin mode

Once you have installed the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, you also have to make sure you are using the Plugin mode in ChatGPT if you want to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin

Currently, the browsing mode and the plugin mode can’t be used at the same time as you can see on this screenshot:

ChatGPT plugin mode enabled

  1. Make sure you have enabled the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin

Once you have selected the plugin mode, also make sure you have enabled the ChatGPT plugin.

Keep in mind that only three ChatGPT plugins can be enabled at the same time.

  1. SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin giving me a bad response or output.

If you can’t get the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin to give you the desired output, the easiest method is to ask ChatGPT directly using the GPT-4 model how to get better responses from the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin.

  1. Check other reasons why ChatGPT is not working

It is also possible that there aren’t any issues with the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, but ChatGPT has some technical issues in general. So as a best practice test, if ChatGPT is working without the plugin mode enabled.

If ChatGPT without the plugin mode enabled is not giving you a response as well, then most likely the bug is not related to the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin.

How to uninstall SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin?

If you no longer want to use the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin, here is how to uninstall it:

  1. Open and sign in to ChatGPT.
  2. Select GPT-4 model from the model selector.
  3. Click on the ChatGPT plugin icon
  4. Select Plugin store.
  5. Search for the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin
  6. Click on ‘Uninstall’ to remove the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin.

Official description of the SceneXplain ChatGPT Plugin in the plugin store

SceneXplain lets you attach images to your prompt. Explore image storytelling beyond pixels.

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