How To Schedule A Post In A Facebook Group? [in 2022]

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One of the benefits of being an admin in a Facebook group is that you can schedule a post in the Facebook group.

The only disadvantage is that you can only manually schedule one Facebook group post at a time so you have to use a workaround if you want to schedule multiple Facebook posts to multiple Facebook groups.

But don’t worry, we are going to give you a hint on what you can do if you want to do massive Facebook group post scheduling.

How To Schedule A Post In A Facebook Group?

Here is how to schedule Facebook group post:

  1. Open up the Facebook group you are the admin or moderator of.
  2. Click into the ‘What’s in your mind’ box area.
  3. Write up your Facebook group post.
  4. Instead of clicking on the ‘Post’ button right away, click on the calendar icon next to it.schedule Facebook group posts
  5. Add the exact date and time when you want your Facebook group post to be scheduled.schedule post to a Facebook group
  6. Click on the ‘Schedule’ button.

Your Facebook group post has been scheduled. You can check it out under the ‘Schedules Posts’ tab on the left column.scheduled facebook posts in a Facebook group

By clicking on this tab, you can check out all of your scheduled Facebook posts. You can also reschedule them or publish them now.

reschedule facebook posts in a group

If you want to schedule a Facebook post on your FB page, you check out the tutorial here:

Here you can watch a video tutorial on how to schedule posts in a Facebook group:

Can’t schedule Facebook group posts

If you can’t schedule a Facebook post if a FB group, keep in mind that you have to be either a Facebook group admin or a moderator to be able to schedule Facebook posts.

Schedule multiple Facebook group posts into multiple Facebook posts

As we said, with Facebook’s native feature you will only be able to schedule one Facebook group post to one of your Facebook groups at once.

If you are running multiple Facebook groups or you want to schedule multiple Facebook posts at once, you have to use a third-party tool to automate this process even more if you don’t want to do everything manually within Facebook.

Social media schedulers

Most of the social media scheduling tools provide the functionality of scheduling Facebook posts to your Facebook groups.

They are usually quite easy to set up, but also their monthly subscription can be quite high if you have a lot of Facebook groups and other type of social account that you want to automate.

Marketing automation software

If you want to have a cheaper but more versatile solution we would recommend trying out Zapier or Integromat to automate your Facebook group post scheduling. Integromat is the way cheaper solution.

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