Private Secret Groups on Facebook – Guide and How-to [in 2022]

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A secret Facebook Group is a Facebook group type you can create by setting up a private, hidden Facebook group.

As the name suggests, the most important characteristic of a hidden, secret group on Facebook is that the group can only be seen by the members of the Facebook group.

In this Facebook group tutorial, we are going to explain the most important things you have to know about Secret Facebook Groups and also tell you if you should ever set up a secret Facebook group for business purposes.

What is a Facebook Secret Group?

A secret Facebook group also called a hidden, private Facebook group is a Facebook group category where even the Facebook group itself can only be seen by the members.

For this reason, random people on Facebook can’t join the secret groups, as everyone who is a member of the secret group has to be directly invited to the group.

Secret groups vs visible private groups

A hidden, secret group on Facebook is very similar to a regular private but visible Facebook group. Only people who are in the Facebook group can see the posts in the group, and they are the ones who can share new posts and engage with existing ones.

The main difference between a visible private group and a hidden private, a.k.a secret Facebook group is that only members can see that the Facebook group even exists.

So you don’t have to worry about someone wanting to join the hidden, secret group who you haven’t invited to the group.

To be more specific, you can see the main differences in the table below:

difference between a visible and secret Facebook group

How to start a secret group on Facebook?

It is really easy to create a secret Facebook group:

  1. Open up Facebook
  2. On the left sidebar, click on ‘Groups’
  3. The click on ‘Create groups’ again.
    create a new secret Facebook group
  4. At the privacy option, select ‘Private’.
  5. Then at the ‘Hide group’ section, select ‘Hidden’make a hidden secret Facebook group
  6. Fill up the other stuff Facebook requires and click on the ‘Create’ button.

There you have it, now you are the admin of a secret Facebook group.

To see how to set up a secret Facebook group, check out this video tutorial:

How to make a Public Group to a Secret Group?

Fortunately, if you have an existing Facebook group that is not a hidden, secret Facebook group, you can also make it a secret Facebook group, any time you want.

Here are the steps to make an open Facebook group, first closed then completely secret:

  1. Open the Facebook group.
  2. First, under the ‘Privacy section’ change the group to ‘Private’.change public Facebook group to private facebook group
  3. Once the group has been converted to private, you can make it a secret group.
  4. All you have to do is also under the privacy section again, change it to ‘Hidden’.

Can’t convert group to a secret group

In most cases, you should be able to make a Facebook group a hidden, secret group as public groups should be always allowed to be changed to private groups.

However, if you can’t make a public group to a Facebook group, first make sure you have the right access level. Only Facebook group admins can make a Facebook group a secret group.

How to invite people to a secret Facebook Group?

As non-members can’t see the Facebook group, they can’t really request to join the Facebook group.

People can join the group only if they get a direct invitation from a person who is already a member in the Facebook group.

Here is how you can invite people to a secret Facebook group:

  1. Open the Facebook group.
  2. On the home page of the Facebook group, click on the ‘Invite’ button.invite button in a Facebook group
  3. Select the friends, you want to invite to the secret Facebook group.invite facebook friends to join Facebook group
  4. Click on ‘Send Invites’ button

Should you create secret Groups on Facebook for business purposes?

In most cases, a private but visible group is the best privacy option for a Facebook group that has been created for business purposes.

As you might know, one of the best ways to grow a Facebook group is to rely on the Facebook algorithm. Facebook likes recommending Facebook groups and the Facebook search feature is also important for Facebook group growth.

When you have a secret group on Facebook, your group is obviously won’t get recommended and it won’t show up in Facebook search as well. So in most cases, you want to make your Facebook group is a hidden, secret Facebook group.

However, if you are running a masterclass group, or have a course that also comes with an exclusive Facebook group that can only be joined if someone bought the course then a secret Facebook group is a great option.

This way, you don’t have to worry about people joining the group and canceling their join request who are not in the mastermind or in the course.

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