All Facebook Group Types & Which Should You Choose? [in 2022]

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A lot of Facebook group admins have no idea but you can actually change the type of your Facebook group to other than the general Facebook group type.

In this Facebook group tutorial, we are going to show you all the Facebook group types that you can choose and also the main benefits you get with different Facebook group types.

Facebook Group type list

Facebook currently offers 6 Facebook group types that everyone can choose to use:

  • General group type
  • Buy and Sell group type
  • Social Learning Group Type
  • Video Games group type
  • Job group type
  • Parenting group type

Let’s shortly discuss each of these Facebook group types. There are also some  Facebook group types we have written separate tutorials on.

General Facebook group type

If you create a new Facebook group, the Facebook group type will be always General by default. You can change this later any time you want.

general Facebook group type

Although this General group type doesn’t have any special feature, this is the group type you can most easily customize with Facebook group features.

Buy and Sell group type

The Buy and Sell group type is basically the group version of Facebook Marketplace, it helps you to sell and buy stuff more effectively.

buy and sell Facebook group

It has features that can help members to list items for sales and mark sold items as sold. In a Buy and Sell Facebook group, you can also specify the currency and see and search products in one place.

Social Learning Group Type

A Social Learning Facebook group has specific features that help members learn certain topics easier.

social learning facebook group type

Facebook group admins of Social Learning groups van organize posts into guides. They can also create quizzes and track members’ learning progress in the Facebook group.

Video Games Facebook group type

Video Games groups have been customized for gamers.

Gaming Facebook group type

You can host tournaments for games in a video game group and also link the group to a specific game.

Job Facebook group type

You should choose this group type if you want to set up a Facebook group for job seekers and recruiters.

jobs facebook group type

This Job Facebook group type will show a list of open jobs and also includes a post template that supports salary, location and hours.

Parenting Group Type

Last but not least, you also have the opportunity to convert your Facebook group to a parenting Facebook group.

parenting facebook group type

In a Parenting Facebook group type, members can post anonymously which is not possible in other Facebook groups. There are also specific Facebook group badges that reflect the stage of parenting.

Old Facebook group categories

There are some Facebook group types that were once active but are no longer available. Here is a list of these deprecated Facebook groups:

  • Close Friends
  • Club
  • Events and Plans
  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Parents
  • Project
  • School or Class
  • Study Group
  • Support
  • Team
  • Travel
  • Custom

If you have previously used any of these Facebook group types, your Facebook group was converted to a General Facebook group.

How to check your Facebook group type?

If you are not sure if you have a General or other Facebook group type, you can easily check it:

  1. Open the Facebook group
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ column
  3. Under the ‘Customize Group’ section, look for ‘Group Type’
  4. Here you will see your currently set Facebook group type.

How to change Facebook group categories?

If you currently have a Facebook group category that is not the most ideal for you, you can easily change it.

Check out this tutorial for a how-to guide:

Or you can also check out this video tutorial on Facebook group types and how to change them:

Facebook group privacy types

Besides Facebook group types that describe the topic of the Facebook group, you can also set the Facebook group privacy types.

You can choose between public and private Facebook groups. In a public Facebook group, everyone can see all the group posts, while in a private Facebook group, only members can see what Facebook posts have been shared in the group.

You can learn more about the difference between the two Facebook group types here:

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